Letters to the editor, Feb. 21

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

So this was my evening

To the Town & Village Editor:

A few weeks ago I got off the LIRR at Penn Station near 11 p.m. I took the 1 downtown, knowing I could walk underground to 6th Avenue should the L have already been shut down. At 6th Avenue the platform was full, 60 to 100 people.

An automated announcement repeated itself: “The next L to Canarsie will be at 11:20 p.m.”

I then saw three people spot a sign taped to a poll that I hadn’t seen. They walked away as if to leave. I heard the announcement again, looked at the time and saw it was 11:40 p.m. That was when the MTA guys closing the station, cordoning off the platforms with yellow tape, first came around to alert us directly. But indeed that sign clearly said, last train 10:30 p.m.

Once upstairs at 6th Avenue I got lucky, the bus was on its way. I got home quickly. It was the morning after the Knicks’ traded Kristaps Porzingis. I put WFAN on briefly then switched to a movie.

My tuner’s movie output is at a higher volume than its radio output. But I have carpeting. Upon realizing it needed to be turned down, the doorbell rang. I was closer to the door. Someone had called security. I found it concerning. The movie I’d just started was Young Abe Lincoln.

The song too loud for my neighbor was The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Billy Sternberg, ST

Celebrating a local hero

A cake with an image of the Union Square Pavilion was presented to Jack Taylor by members of the Tilden Club. (Photo by Rick Eggers)

Re: “Landmarks Lion Jack Taylor dies,” T&V, Feb. 14

Dear Editor:

In April 2014, the Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club, hosted by then-President Mark P. Thompson, held its 61st anniversary dinner at the National Arts Club. One of the evening’s honorees was Jack Taylor, at the age of 89. District Leader Louise Dankberg and Patricia Levenson, dinner committee chairperson, had a cake designed depicting landmark structures Jack had fought to preserve.

Tildenites remember a standing ovation as the Millard L. Midonick and Margot Gayle Tilden Award for Community Service was presented to Jack Taylor for his outstanding work in helping protect and preserve the cultural and historic character of our community.

The Tilden Club was pleased to read the article entitled “Landmarks Lion” about the work of our neighbor and friend Jack Taylor. May he rest in peace.


Michelle D. Winfeld
State Committeewoman, 74th AD

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