Letters to the editor, Mar. 7

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Maloney vs. Ocasio-Cortez on Amazon

I quote Mr. Sanders’s column, “Down the Amazon,” T&V, February 21: “…bowing to political pressure from politicians and communities in Queens, Mr. Bezos pulled the plug and backed out of his deal…to build a massive back office complex in Long Island City just a stone’s throw across the East River.”

For his statement to be factual, however, Mr. Sanders should have explained that Amazon’s Long Island City project in is fully within our, read: Hon. Carolyn Maloney’s, Congressional District. Ms. Maloney embraced the project as an opportunity despite its flaws and was distraught while appearing on TV and radio offering her take. She was articulate in explaining that there were no discretionary funds to re-purpose for schools or subways as was somehow suggested.

Instead, a newly elected Congress Member, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, one who spent thousands of dollars on Amazon last year alone, one who is not even in the Congressional District of the project, took credit for its demise:

“Today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.”

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Sanders didn’t find A. O-C’s jumping Carolyn Maloney’s claim pungent enough to report.

Billy Sternberg, ST

Democrats’ dilemma

To the editor:

Unless the Democrats can do significantly better when faced with Republican attacks, be prepared!

I listened to Michael Cohen’s testimony last week before The House Committee on Oversight and found myself utterly flabbergasted at the Dems’ lack of survival instinct. Each and every time the ranking member called Michael Cohen “Liar!” was an opportunity for a Democrat to speak out. But as usual with my party, they come to the fight with well-defined facts which they pit against open-ended juicy make-believe and expect a favorable outcome! In this they continue to fail the country.

First, though not foremost, despite what the Republicans were giving out, sainthood is not a prerequisite for testimony. It is not uncommon for sinners and liars, and the worst among us, to be brought from jail by prosecutors and defenses to give testimony. Clearly, a person’s character may come into play, but the doubt, when there is one, comes after the testimony is given and not as a prohibition against testimony per se. As counsel to the president, like him or not, Mr. Cohen was in a position to answer questions from the committee.

Now about the lying business… One might be quick to ask, “Ok, as the president’s legal counsel, Cohen was in a position to know about Mr. Trump, but can we take Cohen at his word? Ugh!”

That is the question the Republicans would like to hang on our necks. It just happens to create a self-serving distraction.

So what might be the “right” question? Actually, there isn’t exactly a “right” question, but there is something to bring out by way of a question. It focuses on the senior Republican member of the committee and not on the distraction: Michael Cohen.

It runs something like this: if in previous testimony before Congress, Michael Cohen said that Mr. Trump did not have business conversations with the Russians, and if in casting their very wide net: “Nothing but a liar! The Republicans include that bit of testimony, which they must by virtue of nothing but, what must they believe in order to deny Cohen’s negative?”


John Giannone, ST

Frustration just got more expensive

I can’t believe how much the Transportation Department has completely screwed up traffic.

On 14th Street you can no longer turn left (going east) on Irving Place or Third Avenue! You couldn’t turn on Park Avenue South so now you either have to go to Second Avenue and go downtown to go uptown or go to First Avenue and go north and then west. It is completely idiotic!

Not to mention how they screwed up traffic on First Avenue by no longer being able to turn onto the FDR despite the fact that there is no traffic coming from the East River!

The administration complains about congestion, but they are the ones causing it!

Turning 20th Street into one lane in both directions is maddening. Not to mention the absolute stupidity of moving the bus stop from the corner and then creating an “island.” It’s like they are just looking for things to cause the population misery and aggravation.

Someone should really sit down with de Blasio and tell him the emperor has no clothes.

Now the MTA is raising bridge and tunnel fares as well as the MetroCard (removing the bonuses). They just instituted a “surcharge” for any cab ride (whether yellow, Uber or Lyft) below 96th Street to support mass transit. The real estate tax on sales is also supportive of mass transit.

It is absolutely out of control.

Name withheld, ST

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