Editorial: Transit transparency, please

L train neighbors finally got some good news this week with the announcement that work at the 14th Street construction zone will end significantly earlier each night. We thank the MTA (and the elected officials who’ve been working behind the scenes) for making this happen (finally).

However, as Town & Village has also been reporting, the MTA hasn’t committed to keeping the First and Third Avenue stations open for those looking to get onto a train during the L project slowdown. But what’s just as vexing is that the subject isn’t even being discussed unless riders or elected officials are the ones to bring it up.

The concerns have arisen after a story ran on Streetsblog earlier this year about the possible exit-only station plan based on a leaked internal MTA memo. Recently, the agency confirmed that it is reviewing the matter of station access.

But is this quiet review just an attempt to get people used to the idea of exit-only stations combined with famously slow bus service on 14th Street while delaying actually admitting this is what’s going to happen? We hope not. To do this is terribly unfair to people who rely on those two stations, even if the SBS implementation does happen as expected in June to help ease crowding.

Bottom line is a slowdown in service is still going to be a mess. And it’s Governor Cuomo, with his eleventh hour “rescue,” who has left this mess for the MTA to clean. We just hope they don’t do it by clearing the stations of their riders.

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