Letters to the editor, Mar. 21

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

It’s time to pay the pied-a-piper

I Googled Peter Wunsch of Gramercy (author of letter, “Forget the tax, just cut spending,” T&V, Mar. 14), written in response to “Council pushing pied a terre tax,” T&V, Feb. 28.

It appears his family is a dynasty of “old money” wealth and has had quite a privileged life. I guess he doesn’t want to pay the tax on his continuing good fortune. He is also not informed of the facts – pied-a-terre taxes are not financing city workers retirement. Does he think that these folks should have free Police Department, Fire Department, ambulance, etc. services?

Be advised that city employees cannot retire at age 50; the minimum age is 57+ and the pension amount is based on number of qualified years worked. He should check the NYCERS website for details of the pension plan for city workers. City workers are required to contribute to their pension plan. The average city employee doesn’t get wealthy from their city salary (no annual bonuses, either) but civil servants do earn benefits in retirement (not financed by taxpayers).

Perhaps the answer is that the city should use some of the billions paid by the builders/realtors, of Hudson Yards (probably Wunsch’s buddies), to the MTA (for air rights to build) be used by the MTA to fix mass transit.


Michele Masucci and Edward Zanetto
Two happily retired NYC employees, ST

Woodcock spotted in Bryant Park (Photo by Anne Lazarus)

Woodcocks vs. windows

The Woodcocks are in peak migration. Their eyes are to the side and toward the top of their heads, therefore, monocular vision, and so hit glass panes and windows a lot. Go to Manhattan Bird Alert for postings on this lovely shorebird. If anyone sees one that is injured, gently edge it into a box with holes and get it to the Wild Bird Fund uptown on 565 Columbus Avenue. If it recovers quickly in the box, Stuyvesant Park on Second Avenue is reasonably away from windows to release.

Anne Lazarus, ST

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