ACS teens nabbed for muggings

Administration for Children’s Services facility in Kips Bay (Photo via Google Maps)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police have arrested three teenagers in the care of the Administration for Children’s Services Kips Bay Children’s Center in connection with two robberies in the neighborhood this week.

One robbery took place on East 24th Street between Second and Third Avenues on Friday, March 15 around 12:45 a.m. The victim told police that he was walking east on East 24th Street between Second and Third Avenues when three teens approached him from behind and mugged him.

The victim said that they came up from behind him and demanded his bag. He said that he gave the kids his bag and told them he didn’t want trouble before walking away. The victim said that as he was walking away, the three suspects grabbed him and went through his pockets and took his property. The teens were positively identified after officers searched the area.

Police said that one of the teens involved in the robbery was also responsible for a robbery that took place in Kips Bay a few hours earlier the same day.

A woman told police that she was walking from 350 East 30th Street going west on Friday, March 14 between 10 and 11 p.m. when the teen and two other people were walking in the opposite direction on East 30th Street. The group then allegedly snuck up behind her and pushed her down on the ground.

The teen who was arrested patted down her jacket and then dug through her pockets while the two other suspects acted as lookouts. However, the suspects ended up fleeing empty-handed.

The same teen was charged with criminal trespass because police said that he was on scaffolding at Second Avenue and East 24th Street.

The two other teens involved in this robbery have not been arrested.

One of the teenagers who was arrested for the East 24th Street robbery was caught inside the ACS facility at 492 First Avenue on Friday, March 15 at 2:38 a.m.

The teen reportedly threatened officers at the scene, by saying, “I’ll punch you in the back of the head, f–king pussies,” before picking up a metal cane and menacing officers with it.

When police attempted to arrest the teen, he allegedly resisted by flailing his arms and attempting to flee, resulting in cuts and bruises to the arresting officer’s arm. The teen was charged with resisting arrest, weapons possession, menacing and harassment. The names of the three teens who were arrested are being withheld due to their young age.

3 thoughts on “ACS teens nabbed for muggings

  1. “The names of the three teens who were arrested are being withheld due to their young age.” But, of course!

  2. why are these kids out at such late hours? I thought the Child Svcs place was supposed to be protecting and watching them.

    • They’re probably acting like modern-day Fagans, sending the teens out to steal, or at the very least, demanding cuts of their ill-gotten spoils.

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