March for Mueller report


By Sidney Goldberg

On Thursday evening, a protest was held to demand the full release of the Mueller report that began in Times Square and ended in Flatiron outside Madison Square Park.

The protest was organized by together with the Nobody is Above the Law Coalition and was said to be one of almost 300 similar protests around the country yesterday.

There were protest songs led by the group Sing Out, Louise! and a few speakers, including the NYC public advocate, from a stage that was set up on Broadway.

Despite the large turnout of at least hundreds, the event was hampered by a delay in marching, with the crowd being held at Times Square and a half. This caused some grumbling among the participants about the need for all the stage time commanded by the speakers.

2 thoughts on “March for Mueller report

  1. Why is this in the neighborhood news? Does the Muller Report or Move On have anything to do with Stuy Town and the surrounding areas? Or is politics a way to generate more readers?

    • Well, you think they’re gonna report on such controversial issues as the fact that PCVST tenants had little-to-no heat this past winter?

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