(Updated) Parking will be suspended on E. 20th during bike lane painting (and a film shoot)

The recently reconfigured 20th Street. (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Update: Wednesday at 9 a.m.: In addition to painting work, there will also be a film shoot taking place on East 20th Street.

In an e-blast to residents on Tuesday evening, StuyTown Property Services said, “The City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment has posted notices today on East 20th Street asking that all cars parked between 1st Avenue and Avenue C be moved by tomorrow, April 10th at 6pm. Per these postings, any questions should be directed to the location scout: Gayle, reachable at 347.762.4009.”

By Sabina Mollot

Due to a bike lane painting project happening later this week on East 20th Street, parking will be temporarily suspended along the street.

The announcement was first made via an email blast from StuyTown Property Services on Monday evening after management was made aware of the project.

“We do not have an exact date yet but are expecting the work to be started later this week,” general manager Rick Hayduk said in the email. “Signage is being posted along 20th, please make sure to follow all directions so that no cars are towed. More updates will follow as we have them.”

Town & Village reached out to the Department of Transportation who confirmed the project, but didn’t provide the exact dates and times of the work.

“Green paint installation is scheduled for the end of this week, weather permitting, and will be followed by installation of new thermoplastic markings,” a spokesperson for the department said. “We expect to complete the lanes in the next few weeks. Parking will be maintained along East 20th Street during implementation; drivers may continue to use the floating parking lane on the north side of the street.”

4 thoughts on “(Updated) Parking will be suspended on E. 20th during bike lane painting (and a film shoot)

  1. Painting them? They should be removing them! They were illegally installed without required community notification (even took our city councilperson by surprise), and are totally unnecessary now given that the BK ferry will not happen, and the fact that there was only reported bicycle-motor vehicle crash in the last 7 years under the prior layout.

    Anyone living along E20th will attest to the fact that narrowing a nice wide boulevard to just two travel lanes has resulted in all sorts of traffic backups and near constant horn honking. And I’m sure anyone waiting for the M23 on those sorry exposed islands in middle the roadway would love to see the bus stops returned to curbside.

  2. Incorrect. It’s for a movie production staging and trailers.

    It is absolutely ludicrous that they need both sides of 20th from 1st to C for numerous days.

    The green paint project will take a few hours, as I’ve seen how they do it in other locations and it’s not a days long project.

  3. T-Mac… the traffic has been too fast on that street for a long time. Too many trucks use it an alternative to 23rd Street, and people coming off the FDR think they are still on the highway.

    For decades, pedestrians and families with children have been taking their lives into their own hands because of the speeding traffic.

    So, let’s do it a different way for a few years and see what happens.

    Change can be good. Let’s give “safety” and “traffic calming” the benefit of the doubt.

    No need to demonize bicyclists as the source of all society’s ills.

    • 1) I’ve ridden a bike back and forth on 20th everyday for 30+ years, so there’s no “demonization”, just common sense.

      2) Statistics do no back up your claim that anyone has “been taking their lives into their own hands because of the speeding traffic.”

      It’s never been a dangerous thoroughfare, and no “improvements” were called for, or needed. I’m sure you could search through decades of letters to T&V, without finding a single letter complaining about 20th St traffic hazards.

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