New leasing office for Peter Cooper Village under construction

A new leasing office is under construction in Peter Cooper Village. (Photos by Thomas Rochford)

By Sabina Mollot

Earlier this week, residents noticed that a new leasing office was being advertised in Peter Cooper Village in the corner space previously occupied by the Petite Abeille restaurant. The slick-looking posters show smiling individuals of various ages, and the property’s very new logo for Peter Cooper.

Asked about the advertisements, Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village general manager Rick Hayduk confirmed there is a new leasing office under construction just for Peter Cooper, but it will be housed in the neighboring 350 First Avenue. This is where another leasing office, primarily a center for brokers’ use, used to be until closing last year. The new leasing office was briefly mentioned in an e-blast to neighbors last week that also mentioned the Stuyvesant Town leasing office would be getting “a refresh,” as would signage and employee uniforms.

“Since our acquisition in late 2015, StuyTown Property Services’ and Beam Living’s focused attention has been on improving a resident’s experience (resident communication, situational response time, exterior aesthetics, quality of life issues, playgrounds, etc.), and we felt it was time to reset the ‘public’ image of the two communities,” Hayduk said in a written statement.

As for the restaurant space at 20th Street and First Avenue, “We continue to look for the right restaurant operator to take over the Petite and Vamos space,” Hayduk said.

The new logos for Stuy Town and Peter Cooper, of minimalist design, were also introduced via e-blast last week. The Peter Cooper one consists of the property’s initials in slim, gold lettering inside a circle and the Stuy Town one simply reads “stuy town EST 1947” in bold, white lettering. Management said the introduction of the new logos will take at least a year.

The logos were last changed during the Tishman Speyer era, when the logo (one for both complexes under previous owner Met Life), a square with a few colorful stripes and the names of both complexes, became separate ones depicting the fountain for Stuy Town and a leaf pattern for Peter Cooper.

6 thoughts on “New leasing office for Peter Cooper Village under construction

  1. “StuyTown Property Services’ and Beam Living’s focused attention has been on improving a resident’s experience … and we felt it was time to reset the ‘public’ image of the two communities,””

    Developer-speak claptrap

    • Ask about our “brown water” specials. Anytime I see a sales agent walking around a potential renter, I always ask if the agent if they remembered to mention that.

  2. According to Slick Rick PCVST has never been better. However, the facts make him a liar. 20 years ago there was a decade long wait to get in, now there’s a two year wait for your lease to expire so you can get out.

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