Homeless man accused of smashing over 40 WiFi kiosks in Manhattan

Juan Rodriguez was arrested in connection with the incidents.

By Sabina Mollot

Police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for a week-long LinkNYC kiosk smashing spree in different neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Juan Rodriguez, 41, who’d been staying at the East 30th Street men’s shelter, was picked up by police in front of 230 East 21st Street at about 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

From April 16-23, a man, who was seen on surveillance video, smashed 42 Wi-Fi hubs with a brick or other blunt objects in Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Flatiron and in midtown.

Rodriguez has been arrested a number of times since 2006, mostly for alleged marijuana possession and criminal mischief, police said.

8 thoughts on “Homeless man accused of smashing over 40 WiFi kiosks in Manhattan

  1. Seems our surrounding neighborhoods have increased crime.having lived here over 40 years I feel it will have an effect on real estate and our safety.

  2. The East 30th Street men’s shelter and the ACS center. both are always in the new for bad news. I have a suggestion. Let’s move both of them next to de Blasio’s Brooklyn gym, you know, the one he goes to with a full SUV security detail every day.

    • Very good suggestion! I’ve often wondered how many homeless shelters are located in Park Slope and near DeBozo’s gym.

      He thinks he has a chance to become POTUS. Guess he thinks AF1 or Marine 1 will fly him to his Brooklyn gym every morning.

  3. This is only fitting, since main users of these stupid kiosks also seem to be the homeless. Don’t worry, Mr. Rodriguez will be back on the streets very soon….

    • Correct, after viewing hundreds of the spy kiosks around the city, most are used by the homeless. However, that is a subterfuge, the main purpose is spy on and record passersby for advertisers and of course police. NYC also makes millions from aiding the privacy invaders. “Smart cities,” in combinatin with commerce, are doing the same around the globe with kiosks, “free” wif-fi terminals, cellphone/internet intereception, and IOT municipal devices (utilities, parking meters, license plate readers, registrtion/voting databases) surveilling ubiquitously. Mr. Rodriguez, homeless among thousands in a city way too expensive to house its exploited, immigrant disadvantaged, might be best seen as a dedicated, courageous follower of Paul Revere.

    • Pssst… Rodriguez! It’s not the kiosks, it’s the citibike docks that are spying on your thoughts. Here’s a brick.

  4. Why do you encourage violence, “Tom”? Do you really mean to condone violence against public and private property? You are indeed a sad person.

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