Letters to the editor, May 9

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Deluxe prices, too

Dear Editor,

I just received my third increase from Storage Deluxe who deem it credible to keep raising its prices for nothing. It is so infuriating when companies leasing PCVST property have tenants over a barrel – occupying storage space or garage space for that matter – increasing prices and offering fewer and fewer benefits.

Storage Deluxe offers nothing under its tutelage for its increasing prices, never a gate cleaning, dusting, or free lock!

Laz parking is even more outrageous! They’re lucky they keep the excellent, seasoned personnel working day to day in the garages servicing tenants. We used to be able to get major citywide discounts in other parking lots. Most important, we got discount parking for guests visiting our apartments. We no longer get these crucial benefits yet pay more, not because personnel are getting it.

Every once in a while, we just have to vent, “I’m mad! And I’m not going to take it anymore!” But you have us over a barrel but that doesn’t mean we have to like it!!!

Dr Bel-Michele DeMille, ST

Wildlife feeding ban is cruel

Our family has resided in PCV/ST for decades, but the recent ban on squirrel feeding takes the cake in animal cruelty. These furry critters have resided here longer than many residents.

To ban their feeding is like saying, “ Don’t feed the homeless and they will go away.” Every day we see these desperate animals and birds scurrying for rations nature cannot supply them enough of.

Has management never felt the angst of hunger pain? Surely some compromise must be reached. It will be a mass genocide otherwise. Instead of spending such exorbitant amounts of money on pricey and noisy landscaping, they should create funds for various feeding stations for PCV-ST’s “other” residents.

Name withheld, ST

Maloney fighting against rape culture

The following letter is in response to an announcement by Congress Member Carolyn Maloney supporting the UN resolution aimed at reducing sexual violence in conflicts.

Hard to believe that the USA would try to veto this resolution.

In the explanation what is missing is that “this resolution is about: the Rohingya women and girls who are being systematically gang raped in Myanmar…” as it is also about the girls raped in the USA like the hundreds who were training to become USA representatives in the Olympic games,  and that raping happened for two decades under the tolerance of a team of highly salaried professionals who formed the Olympic Games Committee and of the president and other highly paid professionals at a university, all of whom are free and enjoying an undeserved pension.

Thanks once more to our Congresswoman Maloney for thinking of the women she serves.

Alicia B. Zanelli, ST

10 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, May 9

  1. About squirrels – what do people *not* understand about the meaning ‘wild’life? Plus, these animals were not here first, they were attracted by the
    landscaping and plantings (and residents feeding them) in PCVST. Leave ‘Mother Nature’ alone, and stop feeding ALL the rodents, including the [rats and] squirrels.

    Management is not committing genocide, it’s called ‘survival’. Let the critters fend for themselves, and perhaps we won’t be so infested in the future.

  2. The squirrels were introduced here by MetLife. You think they packed their bags and got on a bus to get here?

  3. Storage Deluxe told me last year that management says to annually raise the rent, regardless!!!!

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