Ecological City Procession for Climate Solutions returns

Ecological City, a march with performances aimed at highlighting climate change, made its way through the East Village and Lower East Side on Saturday. (Photos by Rachel Elkind)

Environmental activists resembling aquatic creatures as well as land animals and other nature-inspired characters marched, danced and recited poetry as they made their way through the East Village and Lower East Side on Saturday.

The colorful costume parade was the second annual Ecological City Procession for Climate Solutions, organized by Earth Celebrations founder/director Felicia Young.

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The procession was a day-long event with about 20 performances at different sites, including community gardens and the East River waterfront. Other sites were the rooftop gardens on the Earth School and bee farming at the Sixth Street Community Center to celebrate the neighborhood sustainability initiatives. The procession finally reached the waterfront at 3:30 p.m. with five performances addressing the controversial ESCR (East Side Coastal Resiliency) waterfront development plan.

The performances and costumes were inspired by climate impacts of storm surges, sea level rise, flooding and pollution.

Ecological City involved over 50 community partner organizations including gardens, community centers, advocacy groups, schools and 5,000 residents, seniors and children over nine months of planning design sessions and ecological arts workshops.

Earth Celebrations’ workshops hosted and sponsored by the Two Bridges involved collaborations with artists-in-residence Lucrecia Novoa, Katherine Freygang, Dee Dee Maucher, David McGreevy, Michele Brody and Yelaine Rodriguez along with numerous performers and dancers.



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