Letters to the editor, May 16

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Dems suffering from acute wimp-itis

To the Editor:

Based on the annual landlord-friendly rent increases tenants received for 20 years from the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations, I would think that Rent Guidelines Board  members are appointed by the mayor. If so, why is the RGB, under our current mayor, discussing any rent increases at all? If they are considering landlord expenses in their deliberations, they should take into account the fact that landlord expenses were much, much lower than the yearly rent increases they received for 20 years from the Republican administrations. Tenants should receive the same treatment at landlords. Thus, they would not have to suffer any increases for 20 years.

If only the Democrats in power in New York and the House of Representatives in DC did not suffer from wimped-out disease. What are they afraid of? If they don’t act with strength and courage now, they won’t have a job anymore. I say rent freeze and impeachment. Now!

John Cappelletti, ST

The priority should be free internet

Re: Letter, “Some didn’t know about squirrel survey,” T&V, Apr. 25

Writing yet more about squirrels, someone states, “Many here are not internet connected.”

I’ve been thinking that landlords should provide everyone with a public service internet connection. It would be for emergency services, Medicare, Medicaid, police, fire, sanitation, traffic, weather, library, parks, elections …as well as community news and advisories.

I hope Honorables Epstein, Hoylman, Maloney and Powers agree that this — prior to squirreling out any material aid — is a more practical vote getting notion.

Billy Sternberg, ST

Neighbors not what they used to be

Re: Letter, “Clean clothes, filthy manners,” T&V, Apr. 18

Yes, the riff-raff has arrived, thanks to our sleazy mayor. Consequently, I have an absolute barbarian residing in my building. Big time noise. She does not know the meaning of the word “courtesy.”

Unfortunately, this population has influenced the quality of life significantly for civilized residents.

Jean Falzon, ST

4 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, May 16

  1. How on earth, or anywhere else in the universe, could you blame the mayor for your rude neighbors?

    I would think the fault lies with Mismanagement’s desperate “anyone with the cash” rental policies.

  2. If anyone removed my laundry from the dryer before it was finished, the would find their laundry on the floor or in the garbage when they came to get it. No way would I put up with that kind of behavior!

    • Someone once took my clothes out of the dryers, two of them, while there were still 15 minutes left. When I confronted the culprit, she said, “But they were already dry!!!”

      • I hope you asked for the money for the 15 minutes she stole? Some people really are the dregs!

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