Lyft car and other vehicles crash on Second Avenue

June6 accident1

Vehicle collision at Second Avenue and 14th Street (Photos by Jefferson Siegel)

By Jefferson Siegel

Just after 7 pm Tuesday, the quiet early-evening atmosphere at 2nd Avenue and 14th Street was shattered by a loud metal-crunching explosion when three app-driven car service vehicles collided.

The crash was followed by screams as people rushed to find a Lyft driver trapped in his car and a cyclist on the curb. The driver appeared to be unconscious as he sat motionless, his body surrounded by front and side air bags. The driver-side door had been smashed by a mini-van which blocked anyone from reaching the driver. Firefighters arrived within minutes and tried smashing the passenger-side window to reach the driver. They were able to enter the car from the rear door and place a neck brace on the driver.

June6 Accident2June6 Accident3June6 accident4

As a large crowd gathered, the cyclist sat on the curb near his bike, appearing stunned. After several minutes the first responders removed the driver and put him in an ambulance. The condition of the other two drivers and the cyclist are unknown. Police blocked southbound traffic on Second Avenue at 15th Street. The street was littered with several rubber bollards that were used to separate a left-hand turn lane as well as car bumpers, mufflers and broken glass.

2 thoughts on “Lyft car and other vehicles crash on Second Avenue

  1. I will never, ever use one of those ride-sharing outfits. Give me the good old yellow cab anytime. True it costs an arm and a leg to get in one now, but blame Sleazoid Cuomo for that. He probably gets kickbacks from Uber and Lyft.

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