ACS teens arrested for unconnected robberies

Administration for Children’s Services facility in Kips Bay (Photo via Google Maps)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police arrested four teenagers on Saturday, June 15 at 9:14 a.m. for three separate robberies that took place outside the Administration for Children’s Services facility at 492 First Avenue last weekend.

One of the victims told police that he was standing outside the building around on Friday, June 14 around 11 p.m. when three boys approached him. One of the boys pulled what the victim said looked like a handgun out of his waistband and put it against the victim’s chest while saying, “Go buy me cigarettes, I’m not f—king playing.”

Police said that around midnight on Saturday, June 15, an 18-year-old girl approached a man who was standing outside the ACS facility and demanded his phone, then allegedly reached into the victim’s pockets. The victim said that another teen who was with the girl at the time said, “If you touch her, I’ll f—k you up.” The teens fled with his phone.

Another man told police that he was charging his phone at one of the kiosk stations near the ACS facility on First Avenue around 9 a.m. on Saturday when three boys approached him. One of the boys then punched him in the face and said, “Give me your phone.” The two other suspects then surrounded him and one of them said, “F—k him up,” while allegedly removing his cell phone and charger.

The three boys were arrested in front of the ACS facility shortly after this incident. The girl wanted for the midnight robbery was caught at the same time as the boys, but the boy who was involved in the robbery with her was not arrested.

The girl was also previously arrested for allegedly assaulting another girl who lives in the ACS facility on Tuesday, May 28 at 3:07 a.m.

7 thoughts on “ACS teens arrested for unconnected robberies

  1. when is revolving door policy going to end. Might as well arrest them when they check in & save us the hassle

  2. Where in the hell are our politicians? I’m willing to bet these crimes won’t ever hit the stats, because in order to say crime is at an all-time low, crime can’t be recorded. You would have to be an absolute fool to believe that crime is at all-time lows like our politicians claim.

    • Crime is not at an all-time-low. Reporting it and counting it is. DeBozo and our politicians lie all the time because they want people to think that crime is negligible when it is actually rampant. Plus some crimes have downgraded to misdemeanors even though they involve danger to the public.

      I’d like to see them put a few homeless shelters, Rikers satalites and ACS facilities in Park Slope, preferably on DeBozo’s street.

      Does that jackass pop into New York now again while he’s chasing his Walter Mitty dream of becoming President? I don’t think anybody misses him.

  3. Remember when that part of First Avenue was safe? I do. Whose brain wave was it to put ACS in that building? Was it Bloomberg or DeBlasio? There are vulnerable people who use the VA and they’ve been through enough trauma. There are people who are going to and from Bellevue and NYU/Langone and the dental facility. Some are frail and/or disabled. They have to encounter these vile little savages who should be locked up somewhere secure where they are OFF THE STREETS. They are a public menace and responsible for a lot of the crime along Bedpan Alley which extends from 34th to 14th. I think some of them prowl around Stuyvesant Town. PCV is a little more difficult because it is gated.

    On top of that DeBozo wants to house Rikers inmates in residential neighborhoods. SMFH

  4. Since this occurs with regularity one would think that the NYPD would station an officer in the area, Well, one with a brain would think, at least. Clearly, the commanding officers at the 13th precinct don’t fall into the brain category. What needs to happen to get the NYPD brass to clean up the stationhouse that used to be the Police Academy? It’s a travesty over there now. Clearly no one is in charge.

  5. Move ACS and all the homeless shelters and the homeless to Roosevelt Island. Cut off the tram and subway and the only way in or out is through Queens. Along with the move, have the Mayors office relocated here as well.

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