Letters to the editor, June 27

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Bike dock will encourage trespassing

The following is an open letter to STPCV General Manager Rick Hayduk regarding the Citi Bike station that was recently installed in Playground 9.

Dear Rick,

I appreciate your keeping the residents apprised of what management is undertaking but I fear with the latest bike related undertaking you are working at cross purposes.

One of the more frequently heard complaints from the resident population is the plethora of bicycles on the premises. You have tried to establish rules governing their use that are blithely ignored. They are honored more in the breach than the observance. I don’t see how providing “quick and easy” access addresses the problem. We are already awash with Citi Bike docking stations along the perimeter of the complex. Why invite the interloper onto the premises?

As to the placement of the bike racks in Playground 9, that too is problematic. It is very convenient to outsiders wandering in from First Avenue. You do not mention having a guard on duty at all times to check resident IDs nor locking the venue at the end of the day. Is any of that in the works? Also, the location of the racks within the playground does not make much sense. You admit that it has co-opted the sprinklers. Assuming that, eventually, summer will arrive with 90-degree-plus days, this is a significant loss. Would it not have made more sense to put the racks in the easternmost section of the playground where the Christmas trees are sold?

I applaud your invocation of “affordable, zero emission transportation.” Very au courant. AOC would be proud of you. However, there is no avoiding the increasing commercialization of the property. It began with the vastly overpriced “farmers market,” continued with the 5 Stuy Cafe and culminated in favoring signage for Lyft over Uber. Somebody is paying you for all of this therefore you are gaining commercial profits. I know, you said you are relabeling the Lyft signs.

All of the above does not detract from my highly favorable opinion as to how you are managing the property. I have conveyed this to you multiple times in the past. You are far and away the best managers we have had and I’ve been a resident for a long time.


Judith L. Swearingen, ST

Remember who made this place

Stuyvesant Town was made for veterans coming home from World War II. Today there’s a poster about a gay pride parade on the Oval. Since I, a Vietnam veteran, have been here (40 years), I haven’t received one parade.

A lot of young people don’t realize Stuyvesant Town was made for vets. We should have had a parade a long time ago. Then people would know who served this country. People would say, “Hey that’s your grandpa. That’s my grandpa. That’s my dad.”  It’s a slap in the face when this community was built for veterans and now it’s taken over by NYU.

Now they’re going to have a parade for gay pride. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we paved the way so they could have a parade.

It’s sad because the veterans, senior citizens, are being pushed out or dying and they’re not being replaced with new veterans coming home. They’re replacing them with students.

They should go back to the right direction.

Name withheld, ST

16 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, June 27

  1. Don’t we celebrate our Vets on Memorial Day?
    (And how’d so many Met Life employees, especially in Peter Cooper Village gain apartments when they were not all Vets? Not Rick’s or Blackstone’s issue, but let’s please not whitewash this community’s history. Pun intended).

  2. I’d heard about the placement of the bicycle docks for CitiBike. It’s not happy-making news. It legitimately sounds like it’s in the way.

    I don’t buy into the arguments, though, that making bicycles available for people to LEAVE THE PROPERTY contributes to much reckless behavior ON THE PROPERTY.

    In fact, most of the sightings of bicycles on the Oval – the only place they’re unequivocally banned – are due to the fact that residents are summoning deliveries from particular restaurants who hire delivery workers that then flaunt all the traffic rules. We have talked about this here before and it seems discussing the root of this behavior is inconvenient for people who are otherwise simply unhappy with bicycles anywhere in the city & want them eradicated. In fact, it’s inconvenient to even interface with the other residents in the complex who commute by bicycle.

    The management could change the rules for the Oval to allow slow-speed through-cycling around the east perimeter, or they could maintain that rule but create marked pathways (with curb cuts) directing bicycle traffic through the complex along the chordal paths linking the Loop drives… legitimizing and controlling behavior that is clearly quite common, without inviting unnecessary risks… but this would defeat the purpose of optimizing the situation to “go after bikes”. Some particular residents want Stuy Town to cut off the street grid & they want deliveries from restaurants to come in 24/7, but they also want to make sure that anyone seen with a bicycle trying to make it through the Stuy Town phalanx gets a snarling reception. These complaints have circulated for decades… timeless, even as the city moves on from the awful design principles that created all these cut-off “towers in parks” superblock complexes in such a short timeframe during the failed Robert Moses era. “Check their IDs! Get their papers!” definitely sounds like a 21st century city of liberty and vitality…

    • If you so loathe Moses’ “failed” superblock complexes, you’re welcome to leave here anytime.

      • It’s a neighborhood-wide and city-wide scourge. There are many sites where the city decided to do this. There are a half-dozen nearby. I can buy you a map if you’d like

        • You wouldn’t know this because it happened before you were born, and you won’t read about it on StreetsClog, but those “scourges” were a hundred times nicer to live in than the slums that were cleared for them.

          As for the map offer, thanks, Mr. Suburban NJ transplant, but not needed – I was born here.

      • There’s no need to be mean or sarcastic. (Especially when so many folks stay here just to hold onto their bargains, when they could probably afford to move). But not everyone has [plenty of] assets to just pick up and leave, they really do depend on their stabilized rent.

  3. OMG. Brain Van, once again, and not using his real name? Do you live in Stuy Town, Brian? Fact is Public Safety is lax at enforcing any rules unless, say, a bike runs over an officer’s foot. Management knows that Citibike does not belong in a playground (yes, a playground), but Management is getting money for this and to them it is just promotion of another “amenity.”

  4. “Don’t we celebrate our Vets on Memorial Day?” No, that’s why it is called Memorial Day. A Vet is supposed to be living, though those who served can be honored too, living or dead.

    • Sorry, Veteran’s Day, my apologies. But making an
      issue about celebrating something else seems petty. And again, extolling the virtues of a community that not only was biased, but closed (cf the Met Life lifers and only white veterans) is an exaggeration. Let everyone celebrate.

  5. Rick has destroyed this community and you mark him as one of the best managers you’ve come across in your long history here?? He has turned this oasis into a circus, and because he’s done it all with a smile and good communication, people like you eat it up.

    This city has so much to offer, and living here has always provided an escape from the noise and stresses that we face each and every day when we walk off the property. Now this place has no defining characteristics that separate it from the rest of the city, other than some grass and trees.

    More and more you see people saying that if you don’t like the noise you should move out of the city. Not that long ago this was that place where you moved if you wanted to stay in the city but at the same time have that suburban feel. This property is no longer for people looking for peace and quiet, and although Rick and his team did not start this process of commercialization, they certainly haven’t slowed the process down in the least bit.

    At the rate Rick and crew are going, it will only be a matter of time before something major (like a skyscraper in the oval) takes over and all you proponents of Rick are left scratching your heads wondering how you didn’t see this coming. Things start small with things like ice rinks/Citi bikes/Lyft signs/ice cream trucks/cafes/movies/concerts/outside sports leagues, and these are nowhere near the end of things, they’re just the beginning.

    The fact that he still hasn’t people like you in his corner just means he will continue to destroy this once oasis until this place is completely unrecognizable. But hey, he communicates well and smiles so he’s alright.

    • Well said. You are totally right. Behind that smarmy smile is total ruthlessness and indifference.

  6. I was right there with Judith until the last paragraph. Clearly, she is pandering to Rick at that point. Perhaps she is fearful that Rick will try and ban her like the former Tenants Association does to anyone who tells the truth on their facebook page.

    • Yup, dictatorships come in all sorts of forms! We sure have one here and another on the TA Facebook!

      • I guess freedom of speech is not something the Bolsheviks at the Blackstone TA believe in. Censor people and force them to conform or else. Way to go comrades, Stalin would be so proud.

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