Multiple shoplifting arrests, including in Peter Cooper Village

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Multiple people were arrested for shoplifting throughout the neighborhood in the last week, including multiple suspects charged with robbery after the incidents reportedly turned violent and one case where a suspect was arrested in Peter Cooper Village after fleeing.

Shiron Parsons, 29, was arrested in Peter Cooper Village last week after he allegedly shoplifted from a CVS on East 23rd Street.

Police said that Parsons removed items from the CVS at 338 East 23rd Street near First Avenue on Saturday, July 6 at 4:56 p.m. An employee said that he put the items into a Trader Joe’s bag before he left without paying.

Police said that Parsons then got into a beige vehicle and fled east on East 23rd Street. Officers stopped Parsons at East 23rd Street and Avenue C but Parsons then fled south into Peter Cooper Village and was ultimately arrested in front of 2 Peter Cooper Road.

According to court records, Parsons pled guilty to petit larceny at a court appearance on Sunday and was sentenced to conditional discharge of one year, meaning that the case will be sealed if Parsons is not arrested again within the next year.

Three suspects were also arrested and charged with robbery in two different incidents in which employees were allegedly assaulted after attempting to catch shoplifters.

Two people were arrested for an alleged robbery inside the Fairway at 766 Sixth Avenue on Wednesday, July 3 at 9:40 p.m. after they got into a fight with a security guard who attempted to stop them from leaving the store with allegedly stolen items.

Police said that 23-year-old Isaac Acosta and 20-year-old Ariel Cumming were working with two other men who weren’t arrested and they allegedly removed beer from the store without paying.

The security guard for the store then followed them outside to get the beer back and Cumming allegedly slapped him, while one of the men who wasn’t arrested punched the guard in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground.

The punch also caused cuts to the guard’s face and the fall caused pain, swelling and dizziness. Police said that while the guard was on the ground, Cumming also kicked him.

Another man was arrested after a fight with an employee of the Food Emporium at 10 Union Square East on Sunday, July 7 at 1:17 p.m.

Police said that 40-year-old Juan Lopez went into the store and removed items from the shelves before attempting to leave without paying. The employee attempted to stop him from leaving the store and Lopez allegedly punched the employee in the face, causing bruising and swelling. Lopez was charged with robbery.

Attorneys for the suspects could not be reached for comment before T&V’s deadline.

One thought on “Multiple shoplifting arrests, including in Peter Cooper Village

  1. Seems like DA Vance is joining the “turn ’em loose” crowd. What’s the point of cops running the risk of chasing down a fleeing suspect (who could be armed) if the DA is going to agree to an ACD? Petit larceny AND fleeing deserves some jail time.

    And why weren’t the people who beat up the guard arrested? Were they not captured or is this another case of good NYPD cops saying, “What’s the point?” to themselves given a feckless, incompetent, bought-and-paid-for DA whose only qualification for the office is his father’s last name? (Too much of that going around in NYS and the GOP.)

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