Cop runs over Citi Bike while conducting traffic stop

An officer cut off a cyclist who allegedly ran a red light, colliding with the bike and getting its wheel stuck in the SUV. (Photo by Twitter user @Garvey_Rich)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Gothamist reported on July 8 that a police officer “forcefully stopped” a cyclist from allegedly running a red light near Tompkins Square Park and ultimately ran over the Citi Bike that he was riding on July 5. The incident occurred on Avenue A near the park last Friday evening, and a photo widely shared on Twitter shows an NYPD SVU parked over the bike lane with a Citi Bike stuck in one of its back wheels.

Police said that the cyclist was riding east on St. Mark’s Place when an officer saw him go through two red lights. The cyclist was reportedly wearing headphones and police said that he ignored sirens and orders to pull over, but the man who shared the photo on Twitter told Gothamist that he didn’t hear any sirens prior to the bike getting dragged under the SUV.

Witnesses told Gothamist that the officer cut off another car making a right turn from St. Mark’s and drove on the wrong side of the street before swerving in front of the cyclist.

The cyclist ultimately received four summonses, including for running a red light and wearing headphones, and the Mayor’s Office said that the incident is currently under review. The mayor appeared to defend the actions of the officer during an unrelated press conference, however, saying that there has to be “respect” for law enforcement.

The collision occurred only three days after the mayor announced a campaign to protect cyclists.

4 thoughts on “Cop runs over Citi Bike while conducting traffic stop

  1. For whatever anyone here wants to say – and I’m sure it’s charming and kind, all of it – we do not use lethal violence to police traffic infractions. Routine violations of traffic law are not even part of the criminal code. There were no signs that this CitiBike rider – who definitely is a doofus – was about to hit a pedestrian when the police caught up to him, so there was no criminal danger to worry about. They should have been more careful, but what probably happened was that there was traffic ahead & the police officers didn’t want to miss their opportunity to write those tickets. If that is the case, that is a poor reason to crash a car into a bicycle.

    No one has clear video of what happened, though – mostly the story is about the aftermath, the pictures of the bicycle wedged between two cars & the officer lecturing the bike rider who he almost killed about “doing it for his safety”. A lot of the NYPD’s story doesn’t add up at first glance, but we don’t really know how wild the bike rider was riding. We just know that this is now a risk if a police officer thinks they saw you wearing headphones (whether they’re right or not)

    • “Routine violations of traffic law are not even part of the criminal code. ” So people should do whatever they want on the road? “There were no signs this Citibike rider was about to hit a pedestrian’ -St Marks is very busy moving east and by the nature of ‘going through a traffic light’ there is a potential to hit a pedestrian that has the right of way. It is amazing how the continually whiney bicycle activists want the rest of the city to accommodate their small entitled group. People need to follow the law just like TA and other groups get upset about motorists running lights they also need to follow the rules of the road. The police are not the problem it is the people that break the laws that endanger everyone.

  2. Nice to see that the NYPD is finally doing something about this plague on our once great city!

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