Police Watch: Man arrested for ‘subway surfing,’ Pair busted for marijuana outside Peter Cooper Village


Police arrested 23-year-old Isaiah Thompson on Friday, August 2 at 8:50 p.m. after he allegedly rode on the outside of an uptown 5 train in Union Square the previous Wednesday, July 31 at 6:35 p.m. Gothamist reported on Monday that witnesses alerted police at the station, prompting Thompson to allegedly flee into the tunnel. Thompson was charged with criminal trespassing and reckless endangerment.

T&V previously reported in May that Thompson was arrested for allegedly pulling the emergency brake on the 2 train and police were still investigating whether or not Thompson was connected to a number of other incidents in which someone pulled the brake.

Police said that in the incident this May, Thompson gained access to the rear of the 2 train while it was in the West 14th Street/Seventh Avenue station. He allegedly opened the rear door and rode for several stops on the outside of the train car, then reportedly activated the train’s emergency brake.


Police arrested 37-year-old Esteban Luebers and 29-year-old Hazel Rivera at the corner of East 23rd Street and Avenue C on Friday, August 2 at 1:02 a.m. Police said that Luebers was in possession of an allegedly lit marijuana cigarette while driving and a license check found that his license had allegedly been suspended. Police said that the car belonged to Rivera and police found a quantity of alleged marijuana that had been individually packaged for sale inside her car, and she allegedly told police at the scene that the pot was hers. Rivera was charged with the sale of marijuana and Luebers was charged with possession of marijuana and an unclassified traffic misdemeanor.


Police arrested 31-year-old Emil Lozano-Zapata for an alleged assault on Second Avenue near East 21st Street on Wednesday, July 31 at 5:44 p.m. The victim told police that he and Lozano-Zapata for into an argument after the victim attempted to merge into a lane on Avenue C and East 20th Street. After the argument, the victim said that Lozano-Zapata got out of his vehicle and maced the victim in the eyes, causing pain and swelling. The victim said that he told Lozano-Zapata that he would be calling 911, and the suspect responded by getting back in his car and making a U-turn on Avenue C. The victim then followed Lozano-Zapata in his own car to Second Avenue between East 20th and 21st Streets, where the victim flagged down officers from the 13th precinct who had also been assigned to the job. The victim pointed out the vehicle and officers conducted a car stop. When Lozano-Zapata got out of his car, the victim confirmed that he was the person who maced him.


Police arrested 18-year-old Indira Jones for possession of stolen property at the corner of Avenue C and East 14th Street on Monday, July 29 at 5:17 p.m. Police said that Jones was seen inside an allegedly stolen vehicle and when officers attempted to pull the vehicle over for a traffic infraction, the driver and Jones reportedly ran out of the car. Police said that Jones was arrested shortly after for being in possession of a license plate that had been stolen from a car in Yonkers. The owner of the vehicle said that she never gave anyone permission to be inside her car. No further information was available about the driver.


Police arrested 20-year-old Omar Benkerroum for allegedly attempting to leave the scene of a collision in front of 124 West 24th Street on Sunday, August 4 at 4:21 a.m. Police arrived at the scene of the incident in front of 727 Sixth Avenue and saw Benkerroum behind the wheel of a vehicle with the engine running while he was allegedly attempting to flee the scene. A witness saw Benkerroum driving north on Sixth Avenue before allegedly crashing into two parked cars. When he was stopped, police found that he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, watery, bloodshot eyes, a flushed face and slurring speech. Benkerroum consented to a field Breathalyzer but police said that when he was told that he was being placed under arrest, he allegedly fled the scene, running west on West 24th Street and actively resisting arrest when officers caught up with him by fighting with an officer who was attempting to handcuff him. Police caught him on West 24th Street. When he was brought to the precinct, police found that his license was allegedly suspended and he also allegedly gave police his brother’s information as his own. Benkerroum was charged with an unclassified public administration felony, resisting arrest, impersonation, intoxicated driving, leaving the scene of an accident and impaired driving.


Police arrested 48-year-old Alexander Feged after he allegedly harassed multiple customers inside the Sprint store at 39 West 14th Street on Tuesday, July 30 at 9:20 p.m. Police said that Feged exposed himself to customers inside the Sprint store, allegedly grabbed the buttocks of two women who were inside and also reportedly caressed the hair of a male customer. Feged then allegedly threatened to cut one of the women with a knife multiple times and spit into the male customer’s face twice. An employee told police that he refused to leave the store after being asked to multiple times and was also allegedly drinking out of a can of Heineken. Feged was charged with aggravated harassment, criminal trespass, false proof of age, exposure and harassment.

Feged was also later charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property at 12:40 a.m. on July 31 inside the 13th precinct because he allegedly stole a bag from inside Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen at 169 Eighth Avenue on Tuesday, July 30 sometime between 6:30 and 7:45 p.m.


Police arrested 37-year-old Jose Miranda for an alleged burglary that took place inside the Wagamama at 212 Fifth Avenue on May 17 around 3 a.m. The victim told police that Miranda had been laid off by the company on May 16 around 4 p.m. Video surveillance shows him allegedly entering the business at 3:18 a.m. and proceeding downstairs to the safe room. After spending approximately two minutes in the safe room, Miranda was seen on video leaving out the fire escape exit. When an employee opened the next day, he realized that property was missing from the safe. The employee said that Miranda had not handed in his keys after being laid off so he had access to the building but he did not have permission to be there.

Miranda was arrested on Friday, August 2 at 10:30 a.m. inside the 13th precinct.


Police arrested 26-year-old Andrea Diamond for alleged drunk driving at the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 21st Street on Saturday, August 3 at 3:46 a.m. Police arrived at the scene because of a vehicle collision at Sixth Avenue and West 21st Street and found Diamond, allegedly at the wheel of her vehicle with the engine running. Police said that she had been driving west on West 21st Street when she collided with another vehicle while making a right-hand turn onto Sixth Avenue to head north. When police stopped her, they found that Diamond allegedly had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath, watery, bloodshot eyes, a flushed face and slurred speech.


Police arrested 21-year-old Wilner Civil for an alleged assault inside the 7-Eleven at 239 East 14th Street on Saturday, August 3 at 9:52 p.m. The victim told police that Civil punched him in the face. The victim was removed to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.


Police arrested a 24-year-old man for allegedly attempting to strangle his girlfriend inside 420 Park Avenue South on Monday, July 29 at 10:32 p.m. The victim told police that she and the suspect, her boyfriend, got into an argument and he ultimately obstructed her breathing. Police said that the alleged assault left marks on her neck but she did not lose consciousness. The suspect was charged with obstruction of breath and assault. The name of the suspect is being withheld to protect the identity of the victim.

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