Letter to the editor, Aug. 15

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Pulling back the curtain on Blackstone

Dear editor,

I am simply sickened to learn that Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone, the company that bought Stuyvesant Town, is a large donor of Trump. This simply sickens me, yet there is nothing I can do about it, short of moving!

Tenants must understand that Schwarzman, by his donations, makes it possible to witness the philosophy of ugliness in having an incompetent person sit in the White House, and by association, share the same philosophy of caging children, targeting immigrants and others, and encouraging the chants of “lock her up” and “send her back.” It is the same philosophy of believing white supremacists have good people on both sides. The curtain has been pulled back allowing a clear look at who owns and runs this development.

Now, we know more today and must never forget who supports the man with the vile tongue.

Name withheld
Stuyvesant Town

8 thoughts on “Letter to the editor, Aug. 15

  1. May I ask why you deem it necessary to publish political opinions that are clearly polarizing? Couldn’t Town and Village stay out of hate political rhetoric from all political persuasions?

    Concerned community member of ST

  2. Name withheld, why are you “sickened”/surprised to learn this? Just look at how poorly Blackstone treats tenants here, and the constant PR lies emanating from Hayduk. BTW, Blackstone is very appreciative of anyone who moves out, for whatever reason. They used to celebrate tenants’ deaths, too=more income for them.

  3. Why is this tenant not publishing his name? Doesn’t he have the courage of his convictions.?

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  4. BTW Trump is far from incompetent. That is YOUR opinion and other liberals who can’t deal with the fact that their party did not win.
    I am extremely happy to know that Blackstone is a Trump supporter. There are a lot of us out there but we are afraid to let anyone know because of the crazy liberals and what they will try to do to us such as punch us in the face, etc. I constantly live in fear of the crazy liberals.
    Whenever anyone asks me anything regarding an opinion about Trump I do my best to change the subject out of fear of what the hateful liberals may do.
    Now Obama – there is an incompetent. All he did was get more and more lazy people on government assistance. Every other person on line at the grocery store has food stamps.
    Congratulations! What a great job.

  5. You should definitely move – I don’t want such a close-minded person as a neighbor. If you constantly shut people down for their political views you’ll be living alone in a cardboard box. It amazes me how close minded anti-Trump people are. I don’t like Trump, didn’t vote for him and don’t support him, but YOU are the one who sickens me. T&V also for publishing this BS.

    The worst part is that you hide behind your computer and spout nonsense and probably never even considered moving. I hear Canada is nice!!

  6. Once again, our sick media triumphs. It is how they measure success. Publish unnecessary incendiary popular issue that gets attention. Time has proven, T&V is no different. I will not be renewing my T&V subscription. Similarly, the anonymous contributor could move out of Stuyvesant Town and follow through on your words.

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