Opinion: As The World Turns

By former Assemblymember Steven Sanders

Some weeks feel like a year in the life of national politics, especially as it concerns President Trump. He likes saying that no president in history has done more than he. Maybe, but is it good? If last week felt like a half dozen episodes of a soap opera, you are forgiven. It was produced by the recently self-proclaimed “chosen one.”

In just one week, Trump attacked members of Congress who have been critical of him and the Israeli government. He proceeded to pressure Israel to forbid the planned visit of two of them. Evidently the First Amendment has no meaning to this President.

He went on to lecture the Jewish community about anti-Semitism and said that any Jew who voted against him and for a Democrat was either ignorant or “disloyal.”

He seemingly has forgotten his own reluctance to denounce the rioters in Charlottesville two summers ago which included neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers chanting anti-Semitic slogans. All the while he refuses to renounce the support of the likes of David Duke, the one-time Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. These white supremacists definitely are not “very fine people.”

Could it be that Donald Trump is unfamiliar with these groups and their history of bigotry and violence? He sure seems unconcerned about them. So much so that after a litany of mass shootings perpetrated by white supremacists, the latest in El Paso, Texas, after which he vowed to institute sweeping background checks, Trump no longer thinks that is necessary.

It seems as if no mass shooting is bad enough to keep his attention very long. As the public outrage recedes, so does his interest in doing anything to prevent assault weapons from being bought by just about anybody.

But the week was still young. A day later, he promulgated a regulation that allows children of illegal immigrants to be held in detention facilities (jails!) indefinitely. As the week ended with the stock market reeling from his tariff trade war, Trump decided to ratchet that up some more, with the predictable result being another steep loss for American investors.

To top it off, he referred to his own appointed Chair of the Federal Reserve as an “enemy” for failing to do his bidding. Then off he went to a meeting with European leaders touting the virtues of Russia. These head spinning actions are giving Americans whiplash.

What comes next as Trump’s poll numbers sink is anybody’s guess. The only constant that can be relied on is that whatever goes wrong will be blamed on Barak Obama and the “fake” news media.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: As The World Turns

  1. Be aware, Steven, that your predictable dissing of Trump (to include making stuff up about him) is going to cause some people to vote for him, instead of against him.

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