Letters to the editor, Sept. 5

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Unfair demonization of Trump

Dear editor:

Mr. Sanders is right that President Trump shouldn’t demonize refugees but Mr. Sanders shouldn’t demonize President Trump either. The policy of separation of children from their parents is a result of a ruling Judge Dolly Gee made during the Obama administration. According to that ruling, children could not be held in detention for more than 20 days. As a result, if Obama and now Trump didn’t release entire families within 20 days of being detained, they had to separate those families. It was Trump, not Obama, who issued an executive order to stop this. Trump’s executive order directed Attorney General Sessions to file a request with Judge Gee in the Central District of California to allow detained migrant families to be kept together. Trump also ordered that housing be found or built for these families and that priority be given to their cases. Where was the outrage of Sanders and his fellow Democratic leaders when Obama separated families? Why do they feign outrage at Trump when he is the president who acted to end child separation? Could it be in order to demonize Trump so they get elected?


Gamaliel Isaac
Stuyvesant Town

Uncomfortable on East 28th

Re: “Teens arrested for Kips Bay robbery,” T&V, Aug. 29

I hate to say it, but I walked down East 28th Street past the Administration for Children’s Services by accident last night with my elderly neighbor, then I remembered why I don’t take that street! Truly creepy — the guy playing with himself against a wall, folks blasting too-loud music, small groups of girls hanging out. I honestly felt my hackles going up. My neighbor is all of 4 ft. 9 in., maybe.  Nobody bothered us, but still, what a shame to feel this way just a few blocks from home!

Name withheld

2 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Sept. 5

  1. Gamaliel, I truly appreciate your post. Isn’t funny how all the “bad” things Obama did during his administration were never talked about or mentioned in the media.
    Saunders is a very evil man and should NOT post any more articles.
    He is truly a scumbag.
    Thank again for your post!

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