A look back at 9/11/2001

From the archives: Former Town & Village editor Linda O’Flanagan covered the World Trade Center attacks for T&V when they occurred, taking these photos showing first responders in front of the ambulance entrance of Beth Israel on East 16th Street, traffic in the neighborhood following the attacks and memorials that popped up in the neighborhood following, as well as photos from Ground Zero.

Memorials popped up across the city, including this one on Avenue A near the corner of East 14th Street.

Gurneys covered East 16th Street outside the ambulance entrance for Beth Israel Hospital on First Avenue.

Officers in front of the 13th precinct

An officer directs traffic

A memorial outside FDNY Engine 5 on East 14th Street between First and Second Avenues

The memorial on Avenue A, looking north towards East 14th Street and Stuyvesant Town


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