Teens wanted for robbery in Stuyvesant Town

430 East 20th Street (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police are looking for two teenagers who reportedly robbed a woman while she was trying to get into her building in Stuyvesant Town yesterday evening. 

The victim told police that she was walking up to the building at 430 East 20th Street around 7:40 p.m. on Monday, September 16 when she spotted the teens, a boy and a girl, standing outside the door. As she approached the building, she said that one of the teens told her that his phone was dead and wanted her to let them inside the building. 

The victim said that she told them they needed to call security if they wanted help getting inside and one of the teens allegedly responded, “You’re not opening the door because we’re black.”

The victim said that she then turned around to walk away from the building when the teens grabbed her from behind and knocked her to the ground before grabbing her purse and fleeing the scene. 

No arrests have been made. Management has not responded to a request for comment on the incident.

10 thoughts on “Teens wanted for robbery in Stuyvesant Town

  1. And yet, doors remain propped open for hours at a time, as the blissfully ignorant transients move in and out every day. After all, the nice salesperson in the Leasing office assured them, this is a very, very safe area…

  2. Where’s the phony management PR machine? This place IS NOT SAFE, and no amount of movies and concerts can change that. Stop spending money on crap and pay for actual physical security.

  3. I have to say, this is all very ironic.
    I have previously considered myself a democrat and would have said I was left of center. But I think when criminals are using this type of rhetoric–“you won’t let us in to rob you because we’re black” and then they proceed to rob the woman, not understanding the irony of crying racism at that moment–something is very wrong here.

    perhaps CNN should stop this incessant hunt for incorrect words and thoughts that do not comply with the accepted speech. I hate Trump but as he says…this has become a witchhunt

    There’s no security footage of this event??? seriously? that seems….extremely unlikely. There are cameras every 10 feet in this city, we’re all being watched like prisoners, yet no pictures of these two teenagers?

  4. It’s very hard to prevent people who are not tenants from following you in if they are right behind you. If you hang back, someone else will let them in either by allowing them to piggyback or holding the door as they leave. I have been at my mailbox and refused (politely) to open the door to strangers (to me) who wanted to come in, but didn’t have a key card and have been yelled at and on a couple of occasions been called a few rude names for telling them to use the intercom and ask their friends to buzz them in. It’s a bit of a no-win situation, unfortunately.

    I hope the tenant who was robbed and hurt is feeling better. It has happened to me, though not recently, and it leaves you feeling very shaken up and, of course, you never get your stolen stuff back and have to go through a lot of trouble with cancelling cards, etc. I’m glad the victim was not seriously hurt and hope friends and neighbors will be supportive.

    • Btw, when I was mugged it was in the days when we had metal keys and no Security button. I think this could happen in any building that doesn’t have a doorman anywhere in the City. But at least we can put the thumb on the Security button and keep it there, though it obviously won’t stop the perps from snatching your purse and running away. There is a better chance of the perps being caught eventually now that we have security cameras in the lobbies. It’s still a horrible thing to go through though.

  5. If we had a real Tenants Association, they’d be handing out press clippings of all the robberies and sexual assaults that have occurred recently to anyone approaching the entrance of the Leasing Office.

    That might get some boots on the ground. Sure, Security can’t be everywhere, but if this place had a reputation of being heavily patrolled, as it did in the past, perps would look elsewhere.

  6. Not surprised. Property has gone downhill. Bikes/scooters flying at the fastest speed throughout the property. Why isn’t security stopping anyone.To prevent crime you need to be active and physically present. Ours isn’t either.

  7. Public Safety is somewhat of a joke. Yes, they will be nice to residents, and when a serious health situation arises, they will be there. But, otherwise, most of them are not serious officers of any of the “rules” created by Management, but not enforced. A revolt is needed by residents, but that isn’t going to happen.

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  9. Sadly, I think that this type of crime is going to become more commonplace when Associated Supermarket closes because the well-lit, very peopled presence of that store late at night plays a big role in the safety of residents coming and going into the Stuytown buildings on 14th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A – and beyond.

    The Community will be worse-off as a result of the closing of that store for many reasons beyond it being convenient and very reasonably priced.

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