UPDATE: Teen arrested for robbery in Stuyvesant Town

Suspect David Young

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

A 17-year-old girl was arrested for assaulting a senior while she was trying to get into her building in Stuyvesant Town on Monday evening. 

Police said that the victim, who is older than 65, was walking up to the building at 430 East 20th Street around 7:40 p.m. on September 16 when she spotted the teens, a boy and a girl, standing outside the door. As she approached the building, she said that one of the teens told her that his phone was dead and wanted her to let them inside the building. 

The victim said that she told them they needed to call security if they wanted help getting inside and one of the teens allegedly responded, “You’re not opening the door because we’re black.”

The victim said that she then turned around to walk away from the building when the teens grabbed her from behind and knocked her to the ground before grabbing her purse and fleeing the scene by heading west. 

In an email to residents on Tuesday evening, StuyTown general manager Rick Hayduk said that Public Safety provided surveillance images to the NYPD depicting the male suspect. The wanted flyer released by the NYPD indicated that police are looking for 17-year-old David Young.

Hayduk said in the email that the incident took less than eight minutes from the time that the two teens entered Stuy Town, allegedly robbed the resident and fled the scene. 

David Young

“Public Safety Officers are out and about but cannot be everywhere at all times,” he said, also reminding residents that safety features include the emergency call stations with blue lights that connect directly to public safety, “security” buttons on lobby video intercoms and walk-in command centers in 2 Stuyvesant Oval and at the entrance to Peter Cooper Village at East 22nd Street and First Avenue.

“We recognize that one crime in our community is one too many,” he added. “We’re working with the 13th Precinct and other stakeholders to review our Public Safety department’s processes to increase the visibility of the officers and other ways we can reach our goal of zero incidents. Achieving this goal may be unattainable due to the reality of urban living, but one we will pursue every day with more rigor than the day before. We expect to implement these recommendations over the next couple of months while Public Safety retains its presence around the communities.”

The girl was arrested on September 17 at 11:50 a.m. She was charged with felony assault in addition to robbery, with the higher assault charge being added because the victim is older than 65.

Town & Village previously posted this story online with a photo of the terrace level at 430 East 20th Street but a resident, and the email from Hayduk, clarified that the incident occurred outside the M level adjacent to Playground 1. 

This is an updated version of a previous story posted yesterday.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Teen arrested for robbery in Stuyvesant Town

    • Yup, the cops know all of the local criminals. Problem is the politicians have handcuffed the cops, so even if they apprehend someone, they will be back on the street to rob again in a matter of hours.

      Thank all of these criminal justice reform “warriors” like DeBlasio and Powers for their major roles in making this city unsafe again, and don’t even get me started on the padded stats. Of course crime is down, because most criminals are never caught and crimes never reported.

      Here’s a novel idea for Rick – put your money where your mouth is, and hire some retired NYPD officers to work details here. Yes it will cost quite a bit more, but knowing you have armed guards will deter criminals in and of itself. Criminals will continue to attack residents as long as we have unarmed guards who have can’t do a damn thing and no NYPD presence. It isn’t rocket science.

      • Hi Steve, hiring retired NYPD is not a novel idea. Head of security in the past and the present have been NYPD. Stuy security is not hired to protect the people; their job is to protect the property. Always has been, I have lived here since 1956, and always will be.

  1. “We recognize that one crime in our community is one too many.”

    We are way beyond that Rick. This is no longer an issue of sporadic crime. Ever since you and SPS have taken over, crime has been steadily increasing and it is fairly obvious to anyone who has lived here a while. You removed long-term officers with ties to the community, who actually cared about the safety here, and replaced them with minimum wage guards who don’t get paid nearly enough to truly care about the safety of this place.

    Don’t get me wrong, these guards are “nice,” but we are not looking for “nice” guards, we are looking for guards who care about the safety of this place . You have effectively gotten rid of public safety and replaced them with customer service liaisons, all in the name of saving a buck. Shame on you for that.

    These attacks are on you, and your policies, so go back to the drawing board and do it fast, otherwise get out of here. I would say safety is more important than events to pretty much everyone here, so get your priorities in order.

  2. This is what happens when you have people from Florida with no idea of what NYC is like run one of the biggest residential complexes here. Keep advertising your “luxury” rentals and more criminals will show up to mug us. Why do residents need management to provide activities or entertainment here? You must be really special if you need this in NYC and don’t know what to do. Or the idiotic landscaping company with incompetent employees pruning the healthy bushes and trees down to skeletal frames every month. Or planting rape/crime forests by building entrances, obscuring views. By the way, one of your lawnmower guys decided to run over and chew up the metal beer cans strewn outside my window resulting in spewed out small sharp metal pieces all over. This lazy ass will probably cause a lawsuit when some dog or child gets cut since they love breaking rules here and ignore the fencing and enter the area anyways. It was so nice and quiet before without any of these dumb activities for dumb new tenants. And the grounds looked better with just plain old grass. What a gigantic waste of money. Thanks for nothing Blackstone and incompetent management from FL.

  3. Why does this effing clown keep using the word “community”, when their entire business model revolves around renting to transients and churn, baby, churn…?

    He’s gotta be the most cynical bastard ever to pull on a pair of dress slacks.

  4. What’s worse about this article is how this “teen” and his GF physically assaulted 2 PO’s when being arrested. Nothing in this article states that. Those assaulted charges on an officer aren’t listed.
    Wake up NY!!

  5. When bikes/scooters recklessly fly all over the property w/o being stopped by security, what does that tell you. Outsiders should not feel comfortable here,but they do. Public safety officers are much too busy talking to each other, texting, etc…You want security, then hire a real security team.

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