Teens arrested for bag, phone snatching in Stuyvesant Town

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police arrested two teenagers for a bag theft that occurred outside one of the playgrounds in Stuyvesant Town last week.

According to the NYPD and Stuy Town management, the victim was sitting on a park bench outside Playground 1 behind 330 First Avenue around 11 a.m. on Wednesday, September 18 when the one of the teens came up to the victim and grabbed her bag, which contained credit cards, and the other teen snatched her phone before running from the location.

Police said that both suspects entered the subway at First Avenue and East 14th Street, where one of the teens was arrested at 11:29 a.m., but the other suspect fled from the station and ran south on First Avenue. He was later arrested inside the 13th precinct on Thursday, September 19 at 6:12 p.m.

The bag containing the victim’s wallet was recovered when the first teen was arrested. It was not clear if the teen who allegedly grabbed the victim’s phone had it on him when he was arrested, and the device was turned off and unable to be tracked.

Both teens were charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property. The names of the teens are being withheld due to their young age.

According to an email from management shortly after the incident, Public Safety chased the teens after the theft and were able to catch up with the one who was ultimately arrested near the First Avenue L station.

During the 13th Precinct Community Council’s monthly meeting that was held the night before this incident, Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman reported that there has been a precinct-wide increase in youth crime. The email from management sent on Wednesday shortly after the incident noted that Public Safety Chief Fran Martin has increased patrols on the property, while keeping in mind that many of these incidents have been occurring during day and evening hours.

Management also had a call with Hellman last week to discuss additional NYPD patrols to deter crime. Hellman said that there would now be increased NYPD patrols coming through Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village whereas officers rarely had the neighborhood on their route.

8 thoughts on “Teens arrested for bag, phone snatching in Stuyvesant Town

  1. Sty Town has become the happy hunting ground for these low-life thugs. Aren’t we lucky! In the almost 40 years I’ve been here I’ve never known it be this bad. Crimes took place off the property, but not within the grounds.

  2. Don’t kid yourself. I grew up there in the ’50s and ’60s. There was plenty of crime within the grounds, vicious muggings included. That’s why they installed mirrors in the elevators; people were routinely being assaulted and robbed by perps who were hiding where you couldn’t see. ST/PCV was, indeed, a hunting ground. I remember 20th Street being cruised by gangs of punks after dark, and nothing was done about it by the NYPD or the security people. Because of all that, few if any ventured out at night. Even the daytime was risky inside the buildings.

    • I wasn’t here in the 50s and 60s. My experience is of the 80s until present. I was never aware of a lot of crime on the grounds or in the buildings. There was the occasional incident, but the property was considered very safe (by New York City standards).

      • There were a lot of “hit and run” muggings on the east end of 20th in the 80’s and 90’s. Perps would knock you down from behind, steal your stuff, then jump into a waiting car. They’d be on the FDR and gone long before the 911 call came in…

    • “That’s why they installed mirrors in the elevators; people were routinely being assaulted and robbed”. ” Because of all that, few if any ventured out at night. Even the daytime was risky inside the buildings”

      Pure nonsense. There were a few elevator robberies in the two decades you mention before they installed the mirrors which were already commonplace elsewhere. There were 2 break ins that resulted in the bars being placed on ground floor apartment windows. Not what you would call routine. Calling it a hunting ground is just absurd. As for few people venturing out, well, lets just say that as kids (50’s and 60’s) we were out both day and night, ALL THE TIME, we were almost never in our apartments. In fact, there was a whole system of being called home for dinner by different whistles from our parents that would be passed along by the neighborhood kids until the correct boys or girls were found and sent on their way home.

      Fake news!!

  3. With that talk of a homeless shelter at Gillman Hall on 1st Ave, things will only get worse in stuy and around the neighborhood. Security can only do so much, so I don’t blame them.

    • People wake up ! For the past several months I sit on the benches in PCV on the weekendsto to enjoy the night. I have seen numerous unsavory characters walking through. And Last night September 29,2019. There was another robbery that occured at 9:30 PM in front of 360 1st Ave. The suspect was caught t fleeing from that addres after attemting to hide inside.
      Crime is up !!! And the police are playing with the numbers. You can see it on 1st avenue from 14 st to 23 st. I have been a resident of NY for over 40 years. I know whats up. And that id crime.
      Be careful

      • There was a time when Security (as it used to be called) would escort “unsavory characters” off the property. I witnessed it several times. I wish they would do that now. We have homeless people and drunks sleeping on the benches during the day and, I’m sure, overnight. The number of homeless people and the amount of filth and garbage around the neighborhood seems to be increasing, especially on 14th Street and First Avenue. I think we’re going back to the NYC of the Ed Koch era, at least around here.

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