Letter to the editor, Oct. 31

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Rudy will rise again

Re: “The Fall of Rudy,” Opinion, Assemblymember Steven Sanders, T&V, Oct. 17

Thank you for the elucidating column on Rudy Guliani’s supposed fall from grace. I am confident, given his political skill, that he can recover and regroup. After all, look at what Al Sharpton was able to accomplish in the wake of the Tawana Brawley scam. Unfortunately for Rudy, he does not have political correctness on his side. Nevertheless, he will always be credited with the monumental task of having cleaned up the city after it had slipped into gross decrepitude from the previous administration.

Jean Falzon
Stuyvesant Town

6 thoughts on “Letter to the editor, Oct. 31

    • There’s nothing I hate more than stats people. Look at these stats, look at those stats. I live in the real world, and the real world shows a deteriorating city that has decriminalized many of the crimes that fall under those stats. And also a mayor who has handcuffed the NYPD, so the reporting of crime is even something I question.

      The city is a dirty slum where criminals have no repercussions for their actions, so don’t come here and show me a basic chart that shows us exactly what the politicians want us to see.

      • And don’t get me wrong, I respect you Barry. I think you would have made a fine council member. We could use someone like you in times like this. But to compare the realities of how this city was under Giuliani versus the city under DeBlasio is like day and night, but people like DeBlasio keep harping on these stats, because they paint a pretty picture. An unrealistic picture, but pretty nonetheless.

        I will take a sane Giuliani any day of the week over DeBlasio. I may even take the currently crazy Giuliani over our current mayor.

  1. Giuliani was a nasty mayor, widely disliked by many people in NYC, who took credit for the policing done by Bill Bratton, the Chief of Police. The idea that the City is now “so much worse” than it was then is simply at variance with experience.

    But the REAL point now, is that Giuliani, a shameless exploiter of the 9/11 events for his OWN personal financial gain (as a “consultant,” etc), has turned into the worst, most corrupt sort of of a self-serving agent of Trump, one of the most corrupt, criminal, and morally bankrupt people ever in the public eye! And Ole’ Rudy has made $millions for himself that way too! As an agent of a corrupt dictator-wannabe and a back-alley colluder against America’s national interests!

      • I’d have to say you’ve been imbibing something a bit stronger than Kool-Aid.

        Ghouliani has gone from a respected prosecutor to a petty tyrant to a shameless mercenary, and hopefully one day a Federal prison inmate.

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