Tenant names removed from intercoms in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village residents were shocked and dismayed to learn this weekend that tenant names have been removed from all intercoms in all buildings throughout the property.

StuyTown Property Services general manager Rick Hayduk said that tenant names have been removed from all video intercoms, in addition to the resident list that used to be next to the mailboxes, due to privacy concerns.

“Many residents, and at an increasing frequency of late, had requested their names be removed,” Hayduk said. “In light of not only our response to privacy concerns, but the general issue of privacy overall, we made the decision to remove all resident names from public areas.”

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association sent an email to residents on Sunday about the sudden change, noting that the disappearance of tenant names has resulted in strangers dialing resident intercoms, missed food deliveries and emergency caregivers needing directions to apartments. Now that tenant names have been removed, only apartment numbers and buzz-in numbers are listed.

The email noted that TA President Susan Steinberg noticed the change when she had visitors over the weekend who couldn’t remember her apartment number and couldn’t look her up on the intercom by name because it was no longer there.

“We’re gobsmacked by this,” Steinberg told T&V on Tuesday. “If they were going to do that, they should have let people know. Yes, some people want anonymity, but many people are not very happy.”

Steinberg added that tenants would have appreciated a survey of residents before management made the decision to remove the names completely.

“They do surveys at the drop of the hat,” she said. “Why couldn’t they do something about this? Tenants were really taken by surprise on this.”

Hayduk said that ultimately management decided not to do a survey because it would have been too complicated to manage the more than 11,000 names as to who wanted their name listed and who didn’t.

“In the world we live in today with privacy concerns in the headlines everyday and with the widespread use of cell phones in particular, we felt residents should convey their apartment number to visitors,” he said. “For the very few without cell phones, they should get the apartment number from the person they’re visiting.”

The TA, however, called the move “tenant unfriendly,” saying in the email sent this week that the idea goes against community-building because it prevents neighbors from finding each other.

Although Hayduk only cited privacy concerns as the reason for both removing names from intercoms and no longer putting tenant names on apartment doors, the TA said that the reason management gave, at least for no longer putting resident names on apartment doors, was that it cost too much.

Hayduk specified that names would no longer be added for new residents but names would only be removed if tenants specifically requested it.

The TA said in the recent email that they had also offered to make the labels themselves, although they acknowledged that some tenants might not opt in due to privacy concerns.

31 thoughts on “Tenant names removed from intercoms in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village

  1. As a tenant, I think the characterization of “shocked and dismayed” is far beyond reality. I get it, some folks may think that it’s unfavorable; most folks won’t care.

    • If by most folks you mean the transients, college kids, Air bnbers, etc I would say you’re right. However, for people who actually “live” here I think your response is flippant and dead wrong.

  2. Crocodile tears from Steinberg, who is (still) Hayduk’s lap dog. God Forbid that SHE should ever be inconvenienced in any way. Her main constituency is…herself.

  3. Utter bullshit excuse!

    I suppose it’s just a coincidence that with so much turnover it’s a lot of work keeping the directories current?

    How many residents came to Mgmt with those “privacy concerns”. Six?

    • Spot on again T-Mac. Privacy? With everyone being on Instagram, Face Book, Google and Amazon? Absolute hooey. Blackstone has lost control of who lives here with the transients, students and AirBnb. Hey, since this a “community” and I want to be “good neighbor”, don’t I have the right to know who the hell lives next to me? Another Blackstone pile of poo.

  4. Total BS. Hayduk excels at BS. Too much work to keep on top of who is living here and who is “passing through.”

  5. I’ve been nice to deliver things that end up in my box by accident, I look up the name of the person and go up to their door and give them their errant mail. This I always thought was better that leaving a check, or something I accidentally oped by the mailboxes. I have also found people have dropped ID in the lobby. I take that back as well – no more I won’t know who or where.

    • This is going to cause a LOT of problems. It’s a further deterioration of the quality of life here. Hayduk constantly insults our intelligence with his BS about quality of life issues, e.g., he tells us the heating system is working fine although many, many of us are freezing in our apartments due to inadequate heat, and now this! He doesn’t seem to realize that respect and contempt are opposite sides of the same coin. He treats us with the utmost contempt and absolutely no respect. He shouldn’t expect us to have any respect for him.

  6. Privacy concerns my arse. It’s all about the Benjamins, you know the ones Schwarzman spends destroying everything he gets his hands on.

  7. Comments here seem to reflect, perhaps, other challenges? I don’t know. But net net for some residents (myself a long-time resident), I’d prefer to not have my name associated with apt # publicly posted in a vestibule accessible by anyone. I get that much of our data is online, but would still prefer than my name be posted. I also really love so many things that have happened since Blackstone took over. Our building is always super well maintained. Maintenance are always the best, polite, patient, efficient. The grounds look stunning. The events and community building have been lovely. With 11K units, it is impossible to please everyone.

    • Well, Lachelle, your info is all over the internet so I don’t know why you would object to your name being in the intercom directory or on your apartment door.

      Maybe you are not a paid shill for Blackstone, but you sure sound like one.

    • These porters have been doing an impeccable job long before Blackstone came along, so to act like this is something new under Blackstone is ludicrous. A lot of these events were also around before Blackstone, it’s just that Blackstone increased them tenfold in terms of size and volume. The difference is the marketing machine that Blackstone presents is very good and makes gullible people believe they are doing all of these wonderful things when in reality they are doing more to harm the place than help.

    • Did you just do copy and paste from those so called 5 Star Yelp (why do they all sound the same?) reviews?


  8. So we all need to be refunded for all the MCI monies they charged us for these new intercom systems since they are not serving the same needs as the previous system…not giving the same information or assistance. This system now does not replace the previous system as they have downgraded it’s usage and not using the new system to it’s fullest. REFUND ALL INTERCOM MCI CHARGES TO ALL TENANTS. THIS IS ILLEGAL. WE HAVE A CASE? ANYBODY?? I bet those people who are concerned about their privacy are the idiot friends of management from FLORIDA and the ones stealing all our packages, smoking pot in the staircases and letting their dogs shit everywhere.

  9. Rick Hayduk is a Blackstone TOOL. All of you who think he’s such a nice guy, listens to your complaints, etc. need to WAKE UP. NOW. He doesn’t care about tenants. Whatever concern he professes is FAKE. He cares about the big salary they’re paying him. Period. Blackstone is a housing PREDATOR and Rick Hayduk is helping them to prey on us. Blackstone has been called out by no less an organization than the UNITED NATIONS for destroying affordable housing all over the world and violating tenants human rights to secure housing. On top of that, Steven Schwarzman, Blackstone’s founder/CEO has been cited as being one of the people responsible for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. The people who own us are EVIL. And the bad and cruel things they are doing to us now are being done to save them money. NOT GIVING US ADEQUATE HEAT; REMOVING OUR NAMES FROM OUR INTERCOMS; REMOVING OUR INTERIOR BUILDING DIRECTORIES; FORCING UNWELCOME, NOISY EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES ON US, ETC., ETC., ETC. is all being done to make these greedy parasites MONEY. Money is their God and they will do anything to get more of it. Schwarzman can donate all the money he wants to philanthropic causes, but his most lasting legacy will be the evil, destructive behavior he has engaged in all over the world. Schwarzman is also a pal and huge supporter of Trump. That should tell you everything you need to know about his complete lack of ethics and non-existent moral code.

  10. From the beam living website – “beam living was born from a desire to make city life happier…. We follow the mantra “leave people happier than you found them.” And since 2017, we’ve been turning that mantra into action.”


    What BS. Since 2017 beam living has been making life miserable for people is more like it. Ask the people who live in STPCV who are freezing in their apartments or don’t feel safe living here because of the lack of adequate Public Safety personnel and the package thefts and assaults that have occurred on the property. Go on, beam living, I dare you.

  11. Everything Rick decrees does us harm. We have no heat in many apartments; we have little to none “security;” we have bros braying, puking and stinking up the halls with their weed; no carpet rules are enforced; and now, no directories; total anonymity and only numbers. Just like a cell block. This is the most depressing place I’ve ever lived in.

  12. And yet there are “cheerleaders.” Even if they get mugged, their response will be: “What can one expect? I chose to live in New York City.”

  13. Lachelle claims to want anonymity, yet posts her picture online here. She claims to be a “long-time resident,” but I know of people who have been here since the beginning (1947). Lachelle seems to be a mentally challenged worshipper of Rick.

  14. I always found the list of names and apartment numbers next to the mailboxes useful, but I can see how that might cause a privacy issue. I wonder if that’s happening in other residential buildings.

  15. Mail frequently gets put in the wrong boxes by the Postal workers and that directory was very helpful for finding the rightful owner. I have lost an important piece of mail that may not have had my apartment number on it. Management has really outdone itself in vindictiveness, laziness and cheapness now. I hope karma comes back to the lazy jerks who decided we are not worthy of the directories. This is going to ruin lives. Some places where you get important mail from do not accept Post Office boxes as a true address. I hate you, Rick and every aspect of your brand of MIS-management.

  16. WHAT are they hiding and WHY are they so eager to hide it?

    Surely, it has nothing to do with privacy of actual residents or anything else we care about.

    • THAT is what everybody is asking. It is actually against the law for them to take down the directories (not that Blackstone or its agents care about the rule of law). This is an absolute outrage. Are we living in a hotel?

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