Tenants can opt-in to intercom directory

By Maria Rocha-Buschel 

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association alerted residents last Monday that management would be allowing tenants to “opt in” to having their name listed on building intercoms, despite saying at the end of last month that doing so would be too complicated for so many apartments. 

StuyTown Property Services general manager Rick Hayduk previously told Town & Village that names had been removed from building intercoms on the property due to privacy concerns expressed by some residents but the TA said that once the names were removed, they received complaints from tenants that friends, delivery people and emergency care personnel were unable to find their apartments without the intercom directory. 

“Despite less than 10 residents reaching out to our team on this matter, we felt that an opt-in was a reasonable request,” Hayduk said regarding the recent change. “That said, we will do what we can to protect the privacy of all residents, especially as the issue of privacy evolves in today’s society.”

Management has also removed the paper directories in building lobbies and will no longer be putting tenant names on apartment doors when new residents move in, and this has not changed. 

The TA said in a recent email about the change that they had suggested to management that an opt-out process might be easier to implement but management will be implementing an opt-in process. The email noted that management will soon be communicating with tenants about how they can opt-in to the intercom. 

Visitors also used to be able to send messages to tenants through the intercom system but management told the TA that it will no longer be used for that purpose because tenants found the system used to retrieve and erase messages too confusing. 

“This positive change for the intercom directories is a result of the Tenants Association keeping close tabs on events in the community, making it possible for tenants to reach us directly, and taking concerns directly to management on a regular basis,” TA President Susan Steinberg said. “We thank CEO and General Manager Rick Hayduk for listening to these concerns and changing course in part on this particular issue.”

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