Letters to the editor, Dec. 12

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Charged for new door

Recently I had to call 911 for a medical emergency. NYPD also came with them and proceeded to breakdown down my door, even after my telling them I could answer the door. Stuyvesant Town then made me pay $1,700 for the new door. That was my tuition money for Baruch College for a year. I am trying to finish my degree, even though I am elderly and disabled now. I couldn’t believe I had to pay for the door. Technically I didn’t break it. And you know Stuyvesant Town charges you for any damage you cause in the apartment. I did not cause this damage. I should have never been charged for this. Can anybody help?

Name withheld

Don’t put SantaCon on a boat

The following is a letter from Councilmember Keith Powers, State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblymember Harvey Epstein to NY Waterway Vice President Donald Liloia sent on Tuesday regarding an event that was planned as part of the SantaCon bar crawl this weekend at the Skyport Marina. Powers shared the letter on Twitter earlier in the day and posted a follow-up in the afternoon noting that NY Waterway had canceled the event.

Dear Mr. Liloia:

We write regarding the SantaCon event expected to take place on Saturday, December 14 at the Skyport Marina. It has come to our attention that the marina will be serving as a SantaCon party site for over 2,000 partygoers on Saturday beginning at 11 a.m. As you know, the Skyport Marina is located in close proximity to two large residential developments in our districts: Waterside Plaza and Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village. It also sits next to the FDR Drive and the East Midtown Greenway bike path. Given the marina’s location and the scale of this event, we have serious concerns about the disruption it is likely to create for those who live in and travel through the area.

A full-day free event of this size, particularly one which attracts attendees likely to be intoxicated, will cause a substantial disturbance to neighbors. In the past, our offices have heard from constituents bothered by the noise from party boats launching at the Skyport Marina, and we have been able to work together to successfully mitigate the disruption. This event is likely to be exponentially more disruptive than what our constituents have previously experienced, and we worry it will undo any goodwill earned from noise reductions in recent months.

It is our understanding that the event will take place on five boats, which will feature live bands and DJs. These boats will leave the marina each hour for a cruise around the East River. There is minimal space for large crowds to line up while waiting to board the boats. An event of this scale will not only overwhelm the area directly in front of the boat launch, but could have significant impacts on traffic flow.

Furthermore, on a day like SantaCon, the NYPD’s 13th Precinct will have fewer resources than usual to devote to the task of managing crowds and traffic at the marina.

We ask that, in an effort to be good neighbors, you demonstrate prior to the event how you plan to minimize the disruption to the surrounding area, manage security, and control anticipated crowds. Specifically, we request that prior to the event, you provide clear plans to the NYPD and to our offices outlining the measures you will take to manage security, crowd control, and moving traffic. It is also our understanding that a portion of the land outside the marina where crowds would likely gather is owned by Waterside Plaza. We ask that you coordinate with Waterside Plaza to resolve any issues that would arise as a result of having large crowds on Waterside’s property.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Councilmember Keith Powers, State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assembly Member Harvey Epstein

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  1. They should have let em take the boats and maybe a lot of them would have fallen overboard and drowned. Have to look on the bright side.

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