Letters to the editor, Jan. 30

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Aggressive and persistent scammers

Dear editor,

Tactics used by phone scammers are becoming ever more aggressive. On Friday, January 25 between the hours of 4:30 and 8:30 p.m., I received at least 20 calls telling me about “suspicious activities….” The caller(s) had the audacity to leave numerous messages with the following “toll free” number: 208-262-0000. I was compelled to turn off my voice mail, but the phone kept on ringing. In the meantime, I found out that a neighbor of mine received identical calls, which makes me wonder whether other tenants of PCV/ST have been targeted as well. Verizon was of no assistance. What can be done about this? How can we put a stop to this intrusion on our lives?

Name withheld
Stuyvesant Town

Three cheers for StuyTown management

Dear Stuyvesant Town Professionals,

As a long time tenant of Stuy Town, I have always felt safe and secure. In the almost 50 years of residing in our community, I may have been frightened only three times and I have never called upon Public Safety that I have not had an immediate response.

There are those of us who are quick to criticize and/or complain. Too often we fail to thank and compliment those who keep us safe. First I would like to thank Frances Martin who is in charge of Public Safety. I believe she is doing and has been doing a marvelous job and I am grateful for her leadership. Some of the things that we should be grateful for:

  • The sophisticated camera system throughout the property.
  • The improved lighting which makes us feel more secure.
  • The bright lime/lemon colored vests that our Public Safety Officers wear which make them more outstanding; in the rain they have these full length raincoats that are the same lime/lemon color and again, make them outstanding.
  • The helpfulness and courtesy of every single Public Safety Officer that I have met in the past and continue to meet today.
  • The helpfulness when dropping by the Public Safety Main Office on the Oval when I am turning in a key that I have found in laundry room or by the mailboxes or, in one case, on First Avenue.
  • The long term service that so many of our Public Safety Officers have given to their jobs to keep us safe.
  • The courtesies shown to Seniors, whether assigned to the Community Center on a late night opening or around the Property.

I always thought Frances Martin’s predecessor, William McClellan, also did an excellent job of keeping us safe as well. And Joseph Gamba, the Deputy Chief of Public Safety, has been here a long time too and does an excellent job.

We are blessed to have top management, starting with Rick Hayduk, that provides leadership in making us such a safe community.

Stuyvesant Town was built to form a community in Manhattan. Through the years, some of that had had been lost. But under our current permanent ownership and the leadership of our property management, I truly feel we are as safe as can be hoped for and as lucky as anyone in Manhattan or New York City can expect to be. Thank you Stuyvesant Town management; thank you Pubic Safety Leadership and Public Safety Officers.


Kay Vota

7 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Jan. 30

  1. But under our current permanent ownership and the leadership of our property management, I truly feel we are as safe as can be hoped for and as lucky as anyone in Manhattan

    Hope they gave you a free month’s rent for that. Maybe two…

  2. Ahhh Kay. Definitely either the recipient of some sort of gift from management, or just living in an alternative reality.

    I will continue to give management praise for what they do well – marketing and PR. They are able to get quite a few people to believe the lies they are spewing with their PR machine, and it works, so kudos to them on that.

    What I can not get behind is this crappy praise of our public safety. The downfall started when they got rid of the long- term guards and replaced them with minimum wage greeters that wear neon vests. All those vests do is make them more visible, it doesn’t increase the actual number of guards watching over this place even if the optics make it seem that way.

    We’ve had sexual assaults and rapes, we’ve had people getting robbed in broad daylight in a string of attacks near playground 1, we’ve had so many package thefts that the criminals know this is the place to strike. You probably also believe our mayor when he says crime is down citywide.

    • I’d also add that in Ye Olden Days all the guards recognized the tenants and the tenants knew the guards. Now, half the tenants are transients and the guards are all temps too.

      Guess which one was safer? It is what it is, but it ain’t what they say.

    • Steve, are you sure they got rid of long-term guards and replaced them with minimum-wage greeters? I’m sure a lot of the long-term guards retired (as people do, if they’re lucky!) and probably the number of guards has been cut. However, I wouldn’t sell them short. From my experience, they have been there when needed and stepped up to the plate very professionally.
      A few weeks ago, I encountered an elderly neighbor who was in a state of utter confusion and distress, wandering the building at 3:30 AM. I called PS and two officers arrived in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES and took over the situation. They were very kind, sweet and gentle with the lady (who I think may have alzheimers or something similar). I went back to bed, confident she was in good hands.
      I would love for them to be equipped with flame throwers to go after speeding bicycles, but I’ll be content to know that they will respond to emergencies when called upon and are prompt and efficient in doing that.

  3. Clearly, the letter about Public Safety was satire. No one is that low on the intelligence scale. Fran Martin is the only person capable of making Rick Hayduk look competent by comparison.

  4. Major cheerleader alert at the letters to the editor section. “Three Cheers for Management”. Like something cut and pasted from the North Korean Ministry of Propaganda. Baghdad Bob would be proud. And of course, the word “community” is used. So pathetic.

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