Letters to the editor, Feb. 6

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

The overwhelming climate crisis

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the climate change crisis? If so, you are not alone and have reasons to feel stressed. According to scientists, we are facing the sixth global extinction; but whereas the previous five extinctions happened over millions of years, this one is taking place within only 200 years and we are at the beginning of it. One psychological problem of the climate change crisis is the uncertainty of a fixed date of when it will hit you and your family catastrophically. This vagueness can lead in many to inaction and/or procrastination which in turn leads to more stress and feelings of hopelessness.

Are things hopeless? Not yet. If you live in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village you are blessed to have witnessed over recent years management’s deep commitment to promoting “green” actions, for instance the installation of almost 10 000 solar panels for renewable energy, and many other energy saving steps (for this they received the 2018 Platinum LEED Award) . You can personally assist their efforts by faithfully recycling, composting, saving water and electricity in your apartment and by generally avoiding waste.

The city and state of New York are heavily engaged in energy saving projects such as reducing car traffic, and banning plastic bags to name just two. Globally, at the recent Economic Forum in Davos alarm bells regarding climate change were sounding, a new development.

If each one of us becomes more committed to climate change solutions, does their daily duty of waste reduction, seeks out groups or organizations committed to climate change challenges, maybe even makes a donation, it may not be too late and you may feel less overwhelmed.

Irmgard C. Taylor
Stuyvesant Town

Throwing the book at phone scammers

Re: “Aggressive and persistent scammers,” letter, Town & Village, Jan. 30

Dear Name Withheld,

I share your concern regarding one of the true scourges of the modern era: scam robocalls. This is one of the top concerns raised by my constituents. The people making these calls aren’t just a constant irritation. They are predators, targeting the elderly in particular with calls attempting to fraudulently part people with their hard-earned savings.

That’s why I sponsor legislation called the Robocall Prevention Act (S.3297-D) with my colleague Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou, which would create the strongest state-level protections against robocalls in the nation. The bill would crack down on these scammers by prohibiting callers from making robocalls without their prior express consent, requiring telephone service providers to provide free call blocking software to consumers, prohibiting “spoofing” to mask the caller’s number, raising penalties on those making illegal robocalls, and giving New Yorkers a private right of action to enforce the law and seek damages.

My legislation would go even further than the law recently passed by Congress by providing more protections to people using landline phones and applying not just to scammers but to debt collectors. New Yorkers deserve to be able to ask robocallers to leave them alone, and have that request backed up by the full force of law.

The Robocall Prevention Act passed the New York State Senate unanimously last year, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Assembly and with the Governor to ensure that we pass strong protections for New Yorkers against robocalls into law this year.


Brad Hoylman
New York State Senator
27th Senate District

13 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Feb. 6

  1. Please, the only thing PCVST management is interested in saving is money.

    Maybe if they turned up the steam a little we wouldn’t need to run electric space heaters all winter long…

  2. I’m glad to hear that something is being done about the robocalls. Thank you Senator Hoylman. I don’t have a landline, but I get lots of spam calls on my iPhone. Many of the calls are real people’s numbers that have been “spoofed.” I think this is particularly nasty and insidious practice because it injures both the recipient of the spam call as well as the person whose phone has been spoofed. I don’t know if there’s any way to find out if your number has been spoofed. Many of the callers are from out of the country. I just don’t answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number, but it is a real PITA because they will call at all hours of the day and night. I usually turn my phone off at night because of these calls, but then I fear that a friend or family member might need me in an emergency and not be able to reach me.

    I hope that something can be done to put these evil people out of business – and face repercussions if they can be caught.

  3. Aren’t we supposed to be dead already? Didn’t Al Gore predict NYC would be under 9 feet of water by now? Ever hear of the Maunder Minimum? NASA is predicting another Solar Minimum begins in 2020 and lasts 30 years, producing very cold temperatures and possibly a new mini ice age. While we’re at it do you realize that all the solar panels Stuy Town put in actually raise the ambient temperature? Did you know that hundreds of birds are killed yearly by the solar panels right here in ST? Are you aware that there is a kill of crows living in the area now who scavenge those dead birds? OK the last one isn’t that important, I just like saying “a kill of crows”.

  4. Where did you get your info on NASA’s prediction of a 30 year cooling of the earth? Looked for it in NASA predictions and couldn’t find it. Please advise.

    • Thanks. Found some info on my own while I was waiting for your reply. Seems true but it won’t be enough to counteract global warming in the long haul. Hope it at least gives us more time to act. Warming not the only problem. Lots of toxins in just about everything. Making changes still important. We’re killing millions of birds, too. Not a good sign. And, yeah, my apartment is cold, too.

  5. I think a big part of the problem is the robocalls are coming from outside the US beyond the reach of US law. The proposed New York law is a step in the right direction; hard to see it being enforced against a Florida scammer. It’s really the telecommunications companies who need to get on top of this, and I think only FCC regulations and enforcement can get the job done. Or the IRS. They already have the authority to put a real hurt on some of these scammers. They are definitely in the process, quietly, of tracking these guys down, but it’s easier said than done.

  6. When it comes to recycling I think we all have to do our bit. Unfortunately, I have seen over and over that our recycling bins get filled up with all kinds of miscellaneous dreck which probably invalidates all of it. I see the bins filled with dirty pizza boxes, snotty kleenex tissues and dirty take-out containers. Nobody is going to sort our recycling for us. Why the hell should they???? Our Moms don’t work here and they’re the only people who are going to pick up our muck. I think that most of the stuff that goes in the recycling bins just ends up in the landfills.

    In an attempt to actually have my stuff recycled, I have stopped putting it into the bins downstairs. Instead, I save it all up for a few weeks. I wash it and sort it and put into blue recycling bags that I have purchased myself (they are very inexpensive) and on the day that the porters put out the recycling, I take my blue bags downstairs early and leave them for the porters to take out. I am NOT going to go to the trouble of washing my recyclable stuff and sorting it if it is going to go to the landfill with all the dreck that is put in the “official” recycling bins. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself and I know our wonderful porters will take it out if it is in a blue bag and tightly closed. It saves them a little work too. Why should they have to sort our recycling for us? Have your mother come and live here if you want that kind of pampering!

  7. Thanks for info re mini ice age source. Appears true and may give us a little extra time to get our planet in order. Trouble is, also according to science, it can’t prevent global warming in the long haul. Too much toxic buildup for us to stop it in the end. We still have a lot to do and can’t claim it’s not our fault and we just have to accept it as an act of nature.
    BTW, my apartment is usually cold unless there’s a blizzard outside. All contact with management fails to solve the problem.

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