Gramercy prepares for coronavirus pandemic

A plastic sheet separates the cashier from customers at the 99 cent store on First Avenue at 21st Street across from Peter Cooper Village (Photos by Jefferson Siegel)

As the mayor and governor announced school closures and event cancellations along with restrictions on restaurants and other businesses, New Yorkers made adjustments by stocking up on medical supplies and working from home. See more photos of the neighborhood from the last week below.

Sign outside Thai restaurant on First Ave. at East 20th St.


With people avoiding crowds in mass transit, CitiBikes were in short supply at this stand on 1st Ave. at 18th St.


Sign outside the Immaculate Conception Church on East 14th Street near First Ave. across from Stuyvesant Town announcing that public masses are canceled

Coronavirus info on a LinkNYC kiosk on Third Ave. at East 16th St.


At the Chipotle on First Ave. at 16th Street in Stuy Town, a worker posts the new take-out only rule in the window


The 23rd St. F/M station was empty during last Wednesday evening’s rush hour. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

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