Peter Cooper announces COVID-19 case

By Maria Rocha-Buschel 

Editor’s note: This story has been updated since publication on Thursday, March 26 to include more information about cases that have been reported in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. 

StuyTown Property Services notified tenants in an email last week that a resident of 5 Peter Cooper Road has tested positive for COVID-19. So far, there have been 10 reported cases in 10 different buildings across the 110 buildings in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. The exact buildings will not be made public but residents of those buildings have been notified.

“To date, a small number of the buildings in PCVST have a self-reported tested positive resident,” StuyTown Property Services General Manager Rick Hayduk said. “Those residents are self-quarantining and our extraordinary team is immediately dispatched to disinfect the building in accordance with CDC and NYC Health guidelines. Residents are being updated regularly and this will continue throughout the pandemic.”

Management sent the email about Peter Cooper’s first case last Monday, noting that the household was self-quarantining and maintenance completed a deep cleaning of all public areas in the building.

“We are grateful for the courage shown by the resident for sharing this information with us, and our best wishes go out to them for a speedy recovery,” Hayduk said in the email.

Hayduk asked residents to notify management if anyone in their household tests positive and noted in the email that if there are additional cases reported, residents in those specific buildings will be notified but management will not update the entire community.

In addition to extra cleaning in the building where the case was reported, Hayduk said that management has taken additional measures to be prepared for COVID-19, including installing hand sanitizers in all buildings, screening staff for illness, screening residents who call for repairs, closing playgrounds and other measures.

Hayduk also said in the email that management has opened a direct line of communication with senior-level administrators at Mount Sinai so that they have the most up-to-date information in order to keep the community informed.

“This is new ground for all of us and the health of the community is on my mind and in my heart, as we do our best to navigate this ever-changing situation. Individuals, families, and communities need to strike a balance between vigilance and the need to go on living our lives,” Hayduk said in the email. “This is hard to do but essential. Our neighbors each have different perspectives, and when we can be supportive, whether that is a reassuring word or thoughtful action, we should take the opportunity.”

4 thoughts on “Peter Cooper announces COVID-19 case

  1. Self-quarantining in a freezing cold apartment is neither pleasant nor healthful. I know some people get too much heat, but a good many of us get NONE. Management simply doesn’t care. Totally heartless and full of insincerity is what the Blackstone Pandemic has inflicted on us.

    • Hey, they did open the front door for you, what else do you want? Of course, that just makes it colder and since they withhold heat it is actually even colder now that the door is open but remember you don’t have to touch the front door, only ALL the other doors. Beam Living is a team of total incompetents. It boggles the mind why anyone would pay more than $1500 – 2000 per month to live in this totally mismanaged dump! Sorry, totally mismanaged very cold dump.

      • You are absolutely right. The sheer incompetence of this “management” is astounding. If you are an elderly, sick, immunity-compromised person or simply a person of any age who is under the weather and fighting off flu or a baby whose immune system is not developed, you can succumb even without coronavirus. Covid-19 would be a death sentence to such a person, but god-forbid “management” would adjust the heating system and exercise common sense (e.g., keeping the outer doors CLOSED to keep the cold out). We can do our own hand-sanitizing, exercise care about what we touch, etc. without having to be guided like children. But we can’t do anything about the idiocy of a management that makes the buildings colder than necessary and then withholds heat. These are the kind of people who would hold your head under the water if you were drowning rather than throw you a life saver. And they would expect you to be grateful for their efforts.

  2. wonder if any of these people called 311 to complain? Blackstone does not want to keep tenants happy. They want tenants to move out so they can attempt to decontrol the apartment. All tenants at StuyTown Peter Cooper should register their rents with Rent Stabilization. it is believed Blackstone is registering rents that are much higher than the actual rent paid.

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