Frontline worker as residents to stop ignoring stay home orders

A frontline healthcare worker is urging ST-PCV residents to do their part for the COVID recovery and stay indoors.

The worker last week wrote to management distressed about the number of people gathering in the Oval.

“These same people who are outside just hanging out in big groups and not following directives, clap at 7 p.m. to “thank healthcare workers” for the work we do,” she wrote.

“People are supposed to stay inside their homes, not be hanging outside in groups that are clearly not part of your household.”

The letter prompted management to issue a reminder this week of the strict new guidelines imposed by the city on social distancing and mask wearing.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Sunday that New York residents who violate policies will receive a summons and fines ranging from $250 to $500.

Beginning Monday, the New York Police Department began conducting spot checks to ensure social distancing.

Team sports are banned, tennis courts and soccer fields will have their nets taken down if people continue to gather there, and many basketball hoops have already been removed.

“If you ignore the order … we’re going to have to fine you. We’re going to give people every chance to listen and if anyone doesn’t listen, then they deserve a fine at this point,” de Blasio said.

In an email to residents, ST-PCV manager Rick Hayduk said he received an emotional plea from a healthcare worker who walks through the Oval on her way to and from the hospital.

“There’s obviously a lot of emotion in her note as she’s experiencing the impact of disobeying governmental directives,” said Hayduk.

“I don’t think the appeal could be made any better or by a better person. Please, stay at home, social distance when you have to leave for an essential task and with the Governor’s new mandate, wear a face covering.” Hayduck said Public Safety and Security trying to enforce both wearing face coverings and social distancing, have been facing a growing number of “confrontational situations.”

He added, “Despite this, trust they will continue to enforce the mandates. But, please take personal responsibility for this mandate and understand, it’s your neighbor, that at-risk senior, that special needs person or that healthcare worker you could be impacting.”

The ST-PCV Tenants Association also issued a reminder.

“It’s no joke: over 10,000 are dead in NYC — and in our community too. Who’s next? Nobody wants to get sick, but too many people are not following safety protocols,” said the TA in an eblast. “If Public Safety asks you to social distance yourself, don’t push back. We depend on them, and they’re doing their job.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered the shelter in place order for New York until May 15.

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  1. What is being reported here is not exactly the governor’s directive. Please read it, and understand what is says rather than what you think it says.

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