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  1. Dear T&V,

    Saw something today that I’ve never seen . The FDNY responded to a fire on the 5th floor of 14 Stuy Oval. The ladder was stretched up to the builing as the windows blew out.( I took photos if requested ). Hope no one was seriously hurt.

  2. Why can you not seem to deliver the paper on time? It is supposed to be delivered on Thursday. Today (12/15)
    is the third time recently when it has not been delivered on time. This is a local paper. You are not trying to pub-
    lish the New York Times or the Washington Post.

    • Hi Judith,
      So sorry about the delay. All we can say is that Newman works at the Peter-Stuyvesant Post Office. We’ve been dealing with this problem for awhile with certain carrier routes. The paper is sent out by us to the post office at the same time every Wednesday evening. If you don’t get your paper by the end of the day, please let us know and we’ll send out a new one for you.

  3. Just wanted to make a quick comment about The Oval Cafe. It is lovely to have a place on the property where folks and guests of Stuy Town/Peter Cooper Village residents can meet and greet. The young people who manage and run the Cafe are charming and respond to every single suggestion. As you probably know, they have NOT had their “grand opening” yet. There is still work being done under a portion of the terrace and more tiles are to be placed when the underground work is complete. The menu choices are growing and my understanding is eventually there will be even more choices–possibly some light cooking will soon take place at the Cafe.

    Check out the way the lighting is hung outside over the future terrace. When lit I suspect it will look like the town
    from “It’s a Wonderful Life” the old Christmas James Stewart movie that I love (and who would not)?!

    The young people are so polite, helpful, friendly and it is a joy to visit with them while getting my coffee, danish, scone, juice or whatever…Again, it is nice that it is open to everyone in Stuy Town and PeterCooper. Try it! You will like it!! And the people…

    Kay Vota
    287 Avenue C

    • Oval Café is a huge disappointment. The bagels taste like dried cork. The coffee is not fresh. The “manager?” is surly, belligerent and generally unresponsive to customer requests. He speaks with a dense Indian accent and often times does not get the order right. He refuses to take responsibility for this lapse in service. A customary response is, as follows: “don’t come here.” The environment is attractive but that’s not his doing. He should take example from the courteous behavior of his competitors on first avenue; Starbucks, Bruno’s and David’s Bagels, if he wants to succeed. I doubt that he will.

      Jean Falzon
      442 E 20th St.

  4. UrbanSitter is looking for a Stuy Town or Peter Cooper MOM for limited term project. is an exciting new way for parents and babysitters to connect online.
    Through UrbanSitter parents can search, book and review trusted sitters within minutes.
    We are looking for an enthusiastic parent to join our team on a temporary basis to coordinate a specific playdate project to help spread the word that UrbanSitter is in NYC.

  5. Just informing you that one of the new places that you mentioned in your paper, Bajiang (14th street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue), have their bicyclist flying on the sidewalk. As I came out of the Duane Reede store this individual flew by me. I was so irate I stormed into the store, to reprimand the individual. Not only were they lacking any sense of sympathy, but another individual mocked me with, “call the police”. A man came over to shush me and closed the door. So, why not introduce us to neighbors who are respectful and want their neighbors to join them.

  6. I need to obtain about 10 copies of the 6.27.2013 edition of Town & Village–my grandson was in an article re Chelsea Opera’s performance of 7.20.2013. We live in northern NJ and do not receive this paper. I have left vmails with the subscription department but to date have not received a callback. Please tell me how I can purchase copies of this back issue. Thank you.

  7. Please post his community event on your site.

    FREE KAYAKING – STUYVESANT COVE PARK – SAt., Aug. 17th – 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

    Particiapants must know how to swim, be at least 18 years old or attend with a parent or gaurdian, and must sign insurance waivers.

    All equipment is provided free. Particiapation will be on a first-come, first-paddling basis.

    Provided by Long Island City Community Boathouse. The event is a joint project of LICCB, the New York City Water Trail Association, and Urban Swim, in conjunction with the Lower East Side Ecology Center and the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club with the support of Solar 1 and NYCEDC.

  8. The National Math Museum (MoMath) located on 26th St between Madison and Fifth Aves is celebrating Pythagorian Day on 12/5/13. (this Thursday). The event will consist of measuring the sides of the Flatiron Building with glow sticks and illustrating the Pythagorean Theorem. Hundreds of people are scheduled to be there. Please check the MoMath website under events and exact time.
    MoMath is wonderful place for families with children of all different ages – as young as 2yrs through adulthood.

  9. Dear Editor,
    I was very disappointed that a letter written by a non-resident was published in the Town & Village that described the residents as depressed. I think I understand where the writer is coming from. He no longer lives here and needs to justify himself in his move to Minneapolis.
    I have been a resident here for the past 17 years and firmly believe that the residents here have more resolve than ever. We have ad to overcome 911, hurricane Sandy, MCI changes and other challenging issues and yet we are upbeat. We have more young families here than ever. We share a skating rink with our families. We have movies in the summer on the summer lawn and during the summer months we have farmers turn out the fruits of their labor.
    And yes, we are an Oasis, but we have an understanding that sometimes the wrong people find us so we have an innovative and state of the art crime fighting monitors and security force. They don’t wait for the crime to occur, but act to prevent it from occurring, hence we have virtually no crime.
    Life is good here, sometimes, like everywhere else it’s challenging.
    But to have a person state that it has changed and the residents are despondent, is to only justify the writer from leaving. So begone!!!
    Vincent Rosiello
    321 Avenue C
    347-865-3215 cell

  10. Glad you’re happy. There are, nevertheless, a number of serious problems, as follows: we are exposed to undesirable, dorming students; the concerts contain too loud and trashy music; the skating rink does not adhere to safety rules during recreational skating and is the most dangerous rink in the city; non-union non-professional painters and last but not least, a second personal key card for emergency purposes is not accessible to primary tenants. All in all, most would agree, this is not such a great place!

  11. I would like to advise any stuy town residents about my being robbed inside the whole foods store at union square. I am 74 on a fixed income so what I lost was of concern to me. I was about to get on the check out line on the first floor, and I heard a jolt of the shopping cart, a man had lifted out my backpack from the cart, full of xmas presents, and ran towards the exit. I looked for security that is supposed to be there, and there wasnt any and there hastnt been for weeks now (at least when Im there) I then ran after him with a full cart of groceries and was out on the sidewalk, no one called after me or came after me. It was 3:30 PM on Wed. I wont go there anymore, there is nothing to stop anyone from actually stealing your purse and punching you in the face, who would stop them?

  12. Has anybody received their 2nd settlement checks from the Roberts settlement yet? The first one came in late dec/early jan and said the rest would be sent in 60 to 90 days….90 days is just about up and nothing…

  13. Hi… we were told by a few customers to contact the esteemed Town-Village newspaper about the grand opening of City Wings Cafe located on 347 First Avenue between 20th and 21st streets.

    We have been getting great feedback from customers during the past week and we look forward to serving the community in the years to come.

    Our extensive menu can be found in and we are open 7 days a week from 11am to 10:30pm. Free delivery service of course!

    Thank you everyone. We look forward to serving you…

    New Weekly Weekend Flea Market benefiting the East Side Community High School.

    Let’s try this again. This time… it’s a sure thing! Please start telling your friends in the neighborhood and beyond. Those of you with neighborhood blogs, please spread the word by sharing this event!

    Last weekend a medical emergency necessitated the abrupt cancellation of the Flea Market. THIS weekend, Saturday, July 19th and Sunday, July 20th Karma Kleaners will (finally) be participating along with a host of other craftspeople, artists, and vendors.

    Karma Kleaners will be showcasing a limited selection of jewelry, accessories, and gift items at the new (Saturday) weekly Flea Market benefiting the East Side Community High School.

    If the venue proves successful Karma Kleaners will expand our merchandising to include crystals, Sage Kleansing Kits, and even some shoes and Vintage items.

    From the flyer put out by the ESCHS’ PTA:

    East Side Community High School (ESCHS)
    420 East 12th Street
    (Between 1st Avenue & Avenue A)

    Saturdays & Sundays from 12 NOON until 7PM

    The East Village Market will also be featuring Art, Antiques, Vintage, Goth, Unique, Clothing, Furniture, and Ephemera.


    If this Market is truly successful it has the capacity to greatly expand in (physical) size and will now come to include Sundays.

  15. I would also like more information on the East Side community school flea market – how to participate

  16. I would like to announce that I can give loving care to cats and a small dog if you have to be away for a day or more.
    Anyone can contact me at 646 755 3980

  17. While a lot of landscaping continues in Stuy Town, the landscaping at entrances to many buildings is ignored. Consistently some buildings have pretty landscaping and many others are void of any landscape and are in fact an embarrassment. Check out 1, and 3 Oval. Forever ignored, the Terrace levels which really are the front entrances of the buildings are indeed quite ugly. Is anyone ever gong to do anything about it? it is 5 years since I saw a pretty entrance to these buildings.

  18. My letter to Dan who asked for feedback..I am a resident at Stuy Town for 30 years. People complain about everything! The ice rink was also a huge issue..people fought so hard to shut it down. Eventually it stayed open but the music was turned off. I don’t ice skate and live on the oval and so I heard the music too. It is about tolerance. It is enjoyed by many in our community and a wonderful amenity.

    The concerts were splendid and very well attended this year. These were two of the best events we ever had. There are maybe 2 two hour concerts and about 6 films in in the year. You can’t have no tolerance when living in a large community. This is a wonderful amenity. This is what our community is about and already events were cut back drastically!

    “You can please come of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.”

    I want to tell people to get with it, be a part of the community or you have an option to live somewhere else.


    Gazala Chinwalla

    • Dear Godzilla, The ice rink happens to be poorly managed. The kids are wild. It is the most dangerous rink in the NYC. The concerts should be confined to an auditorium and not piped into the home of residents.


    The city is empty… Take advantage of your NYC stay-cation and join Karma Kleaners and the other Artists and Vendors at the up & coming East Village Community Market. Shop & browse now, before the crowds return home!

    Every Saturday the new East Village Community Market features some of Karma Kleaners’ product line at prices just above wholesale. Fortunately, this weekend looks like it’s gonna be filled with mild, warm weather so when you’re done with your weekend errands, stroll on by. This new venue has been pretty darn successful and the growing pains, few. If this pace continues, as the Market becomes more widely known, Karma Kleaners will expand our merchandising to include an even broader selection of Jewelry, Keychains, Crystals, our special Sage Kleansing Kits, and *possibly* even some high-end shoes and Vintage items. A very special thanks, too, to those of you who stopped by to shop, deliver kisses (both human & canine), beverages, and say hello. It really helped make my day go by so much more pleasantly!

    This Flea Market features several vendors whom you may recognize as veterans of the Flea Market circuit in New York City. For the remainder of August, with the typical hordes noticeably absent for a change, you can take the time to try on, ask questions, browse, shop, cruise, and hang out. No chain stores here… Come out & show that DOWNTOWN, New York City can still support local artists, small businesses, and a Flea Market!

    The East Village Community Market is located just outside the gates of the St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery (and turns the corner, continuing down 11th Street). It takes place every Saturday from 11AM until 7PM.

    Fingers crossed, I’ll see some of you there on Saturday. If not, you can be certain that I’ll be spending my week cutting more chain, snipping more sage, and doing whatever’s necessary to be just as prepared for seeing you at next week’s Market, instead. When you find yourself smiling, make sure to remind yourself that THIS is one of those little joys that make living in New York better than just about anywhere else.

    Hope to see you there!

  20. Steve Sanders writes an excellent column! Have actually cut out some of his columns to show others and to quote from. He was an excellent Assembly Person and he is very observant regarding what is going on in our World. God Bless him and his family. I loved his column about Coopertown; makes me want to go back! Appreciate that he and his wife participated in the spontaneous demonstration. I went to the gathering at Foley Square last Sunday regarding the mistreatment of children by separating them from their families at the Border. What a disgrace!! I am so troubled by what is happening in our Democracy and how so many seem to be numb to what is going on. Which, of course, reminds me of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”.” War is not the answer; only LOVE can conquer HATE”. And then there is Razzie and the Neighborhood Kids, “I Hate Hate but Good Lord Above Don’t You Know I Love Love”. Hope I made you smile…

  21. Dear T&V staff

    I am appalled that the flags are still flying tonight, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of D-Day and it’s after 10pm. They are not illuminated as per the flag code. They’ve been taken down every night for as long as I’ve lived here…40 + years.
    Can you please look into this and find out why this patriotic practice has apparently recently changed?

  22. A fire today at 610 East 20th Street, clearly showed the faulty design of the traffic lanes on the street. Although there were no serious casualties this time, the first responders had virtually no space to access the building with their ladder trucks etc. If there would have been serious casualties, this could have resulted in a catastrophy.

  23. Hi there,

    We’re interested in advertising on your website.

    Could you please let me know what advertising options you offer?

    Thanks for your time.

    Karen Smith

  24. No new posts here since the one about the street vendor on April 22. Is the newspaper dead, too?

  25. Happy Anniversary to the last post on this blog. Also, I never got an answer to whether the newspaper itself was still around, so … I guess not? Too bad. I remember when the T&V was the only game in town and you can say what you want to about Charlie Hagedorn, but he delivered.

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