Man arrested for stealing more than $11k during bank robberies

Bank robbery suspect

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police have arrested 48-year-old Joseph Rivera last Thursday for bank robberies in Gramercy and throughout Manhattan, allegedly taking a total of approximately $11,000 in 12 different bank robberies.

In each incident, Rivera reportedly entered a bank and passed a demand note while demanding cash from the teller.

One of the robberies that took place in Flatiron occurred on Tuesday, September 10 around noon when police said that Rivera entered the Chase Bank at 71 West 23rd Street and allegedly passed a demand note while making a demand for cash. The teller reportedly complied, and Rivera allegedly for away with $3,700.

Police said that Rivera passed a note to a teller inside the Amalgamated Bank at 301 Third Avenue near East 23rd Street on Thursday, September 19 at 1 p.m. and got away with $89. He also allegedly robbed the HSBC Bank at 800 Sixth Avenue and West 28th Street, passing a note to a teller to demand cash, but police said that he fled before the teller complied.

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Community garden update: Plaque for ‘Mayor of 24th St.’, tree pits planted across PCV

This plaque was recently installed in memory of a Kips Bay resident. (Photo by Claude L. Winfield)

This plaque was recently installed in memory of a Kips Bay resident. (Photo by Claude L. Winfield)

By Michelle Deal Winfield

Several floral beds along tree pits near Peter Cooper Village and along East 24th Street were planted over the summer thanks to neighborhood volunteers.

Anthony “Tony” Jacoma, affectionately known as the Mayor of 24th Street, had requested a tree guard to prevent dogs from digging and soiling a tree he watered weekly.

On April 27, 2016 at the age of 93, Jacoma died. However, a coalition consisting of the Kips Bay Neighborhood Alliance, KBNA, Community Board Six, Manhattan, Amalgamated Bank and the New York City Parks Department later joined forces to erect a tree guard, plant seasonal flowers and install a plaque which is dedicated to the memory of Jacoma. The tree is located on 24th Street between Second and Third Avenues.

Meanwhile, across from Peter Cooper Village, four of the pits surrounding trees next to the bike lanes from 20th to 22nd Street have also gotten a facelift thanks to Vivian Dearie, a PCV resident.