Multiple busted for forgeries at Barney’s

Barney’s at 101 Seventh Avenue

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police arrested multiple people for allegedly forged credit cards inside the Barney’s at 101 Seventh Avenue last week. The four people who were arrested were all reportedly in possession of stolen credit cards in addition to forged credit cards with the suspects’ names on them but that were connected to the cards that had allegedly been stolen.

Kareem McClain, 36, was arrested inside the store on Monday, August 26 at 1:05 p.m. after he allegedly attempted to purchase a wallet with multiple credit cards. Police said that each card swiped showed on the store computer with a different card number than what was physically on the cards. Upon further investigation, police found that each card was linked to different stolen credit card numbers. McClain was allegedly in possession of all of the stolen cards and he was charged with grand larceny, forgery and petit larceny.

Police arrested 26-year-old Samuel Taffary for alleged forgery inside the store at 4:46 p.m. on the same day and was also charged with grand larceny and petit larceny after he reportedly attempted to make a purchase with various credit cards that police said had been forged.

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Police Watch: ‘Perv’ arrested in Union Square, ‘Fake gun’ in NYCHA building

Police arrested 33-year-old Alex Bernardez for sexual abuse and impersonation last Monday at 7:50 p.m. inside the Union Square subway station. Police said that Bernardez was rubbing and grinding his erect penis on a woman’s buttocks while on a moving downtown 4 train. Police said that Bernardez and the victim didn’t know each other. When police arrested him, Bernardez allegedly gave a false name at first.

Police arrested three people in the stairwell of the 25th floor inside 344 East 28th Street while they were filming a video with an alleged imitation pistol last Thursday at 11:25 p.m. Police said that Aaron Beam, 38, fired the imitation pistol inside the stairwell of the NYCHA building and Rahman Soto, 30, and Jarod Nabors, 34, were allegedly filming him without a permit. Beam was charged with weapons possession, reckless endangerment and disorderly conducted. Soto and Nabors were charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. The toy gun was recovered from the scene.

Police arrested 22-year-old Matthew Jacoby at East 19th Street and First Avenue last Sunday at 1:14 a.m. Police said that while attempting to disperse a large crowd, an officer asked Jacoby to step out of the roadway for his safety. He then allegedly used his body weight to push into the officer, causing him to go off balance. While attempting to handcuff the suspect, Jacoby allegedly tucked his arms into his chest and refused to be handcuffed. Police said that Jacoby suffered a small cut to his left eyebrow when he was taken into custody and when EMS responded, the suspect refused medical assistance. No further information was available about why the crowd was at the intersection.

Police arrested 53-year-old Thomas Abraham for assault last Monday at 8 a.m. at the 13th Precinct for a previous shoplifting incident inside the TJ Maxx at 620 Sixth Avenue. Police said that Abraham had put items from the store in a booster bag. After security called 911 and police arrived, Abraham allegedly managed to elude arrest. Police said that he fled the location and officers chased him. He allegedly ran down the escalator and an officer fell while attempting to arrest him, breaking his left upper femur. Abraham was also charged with petit larceny, resisting arrest and a public administration misdemeanor. The New York State Unified Court System said that Abraham pled guilty to the petit larceny charge last Saturday and was sentenced to intermittent imprisonment for 10 days.

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