The current currency face-off

By Former Assemblymember Steven Sanders

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” That prose by William Shakespeare over 400 years ago was in reference to a life or death decision from Hamlet. In 2015 the same question is being posed about Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson. This one deals with banishment! The United States Secretary of the Treasury has declared that it is time to have a woman’s face on American paper currency, and he is 100 percent correct. The question is which denomination, and consequently which American icon’s visage will be deleted in the year 2020.

Secretary Lew has said that it should be Alexander Hamilton who has graced the ten dollar bill for so many years. Others have weighed in saying drop Andrew Jackson from the twenty dollar bill to make way for a woman. Interesting debate.

Most Americans cannot say exactly who Hamilton was and why he was essential to the founding of our fledgling republic. As for Jackson, many remember he was a President, but few can say in what years, or what he accomplished. So who is gonna get the hook?

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