Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23

Jan23 Toon de Blasio

Cartoon by Jim Meadows (jimtoon.com)

The ST/PCV tournaments’ unsung hero

On October 1, 2013, I wrote to the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village Recreation Department & Community Center suggesting that it recognize Steve Farhood for his many years of selfless and ongoing contributions to this community.

Mr. Farhood, a longtime resident of Peter Cooper Village, tirelessly, and without compensation, runs the annual paddle tennis tournaments, which often involve dozens of players, and always involves the painstaking logistics of planning, scheduling and supervising the events, and all the other details commensurate with the two-day tournaments. These matches have always been heartily enjoyed and well attended by ST/PCV tenants.

Until recently, ST/PCV supported its paddle tennis tournaments by providing trophies, and, at least twice in the past, with ST/PCV tee shirts for the winners, as well as bottled water and the banners that brightly hang around the paddle tennis playground during the competition.

This past fall, I learned that ST/PCV no longer provides the paddle tennis tournaments with trophies, bottled water or tee shirts. Nonetheless, Mr. Farhood still unselfishly runs these tournaments and even pays for the trophies out of his own pocket.

Given what must be the small investment needed to continue to sustain this well-liked activity, and the pleasure it gives to so many tenants, not to mention the enhanced good-will it gives ST/PCV in terms of its reputation for providing healthy physical activities for its tenants, I respectfully asked that ST/PCV reconsider investing the few dollars it takes to maintain these most popular tournaments.

Moreover, after all of his many years of dedicated service to this community, I also suggested that it would be a decent, and appropriate, and “the right thing to do,” for ST/PCV to recognize Mr. Farhood’s selfless and on-going contributions in some fitting manner.  Sadly, I never received a response to my October letter, nor to a follow-up email I sent to the Recreation Department in early December.

Well, I want to go on record publicly to thank Mr. Farhood for his generous, and valuable, and long-running contributions to this community.

I know I speak for many in this community when I say thanks, Steve.

Frank Zotto, PCV

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