No end in sight to gun violence

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

More gun fire, more tears, more grieving, more funerals, more hand wringing and finger pointing… No action in Congress.

This time the shooting occurred on real life reality television as a deranged person murdered a reporter and her cameraman on live TV, and by design. He methodically (and easily) purchased a gun following the shooting massacre several months ago in a Church in Charleston, South Carolina and then proceeded to carefully plot his televised crime. Ironically this horror came on the very day that James Holmes received his life imprisonment sentence for his 2012 massacre of 12 people in a Colorado movie theater. That shooting occurred the same year as the mass murder of two dozen toddlers in a Newtown Connecticut pre-school ten days before Christmas.

These are the gun related deaths that make the front pages. But every day nearly 100 Americans die from gun violence. This stunning figure stands in stark contrast to every other industrialized nation which has enacted tough laws restricting the access to firearms in their countries.

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