Stuyvesant Town woman wins ‘Hamilton’ lottery four times

Stuyvesant Town resident Kim Ball takes a selfie with Lin-Manuel Miranda, former “Hamilton” star while waiting on line for the lottery, prior to the line turning virtual.

Stuyvesant Town resident Kim Ball takes a selfie with Lin-Manuel Miranda, former “Hamilton” star while waiting on line for the lottery, prior to the line turning virtual.

By Kim Ball

The genesis of my “Hamilton” experience was when my friend Suzanne asked me to enter a lottery for a new play. We would stand in line, along with hundreds of other hopefuls. We were never lucky. I decided to go to the cast CD signing where I was encouraged by the cast to “keep trying” after I told them of my multiple losses. So I did try again and one night the last number drawn was mine! On my second win I invited my friend Elena of “Billy on the Street” fame. She was not only enamored with the play but also with Daveed Diggs. She told me that she wanted to marry him. Or just be his Jewish aunt.

I hadn’t asked my 95-year-old mother, who lives in Peter Cooper, to see the show because she notoriously hates musicals, but then she told me she wanted to see it. When I won the lottery (which, by the way, is for $10 seats in the front row), I took Suzanne because my mom wasn’t home. To my amazement, I won the following day so I was able to take my mom. She absolutely loved it.

The next day, while waiting on the lottery line, Lin-Manuel Miranda came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he had seen me twice that week! Another day, I ran into Lin and gave him some gifts and a note extolling the brilliance of the play and the cast. He told me they always liked seeing me in the audience.

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Letters to the Editor, Apr. 21

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

We help seniors avoid abusive grifters

To the Editor of Town & Village,

Sadly, the terrible roommate experience encountered by Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village resident “Neal,” described in your March 31, 2016, article “When your roommate’s an abusive grifter” is all too common in NYC. Thankfully, it need not be.

New York Foundation for Senior Citizens’ Home Sharing Program, the only service of its type in New York City, provides free comprehensive screening and matching services for individuals seeking shared living arrangements that can help potential roommates avoid the type of dreadful experience encountered by “Neal.”

The program’s team of experienced professional licensed social workers link potential “hosts” who have extra private spaces in their homes to share with compatible “guests” seeking suitable housing. At least one of the share-mates in each match must be age 60 or older. For more information on how New York Foundation for Senior Citizens’ Home Sharing Program can help promote companionship and enhance financial wellbeing by matching you or someone you know with a professionally screened and compatible roommate, call (212) 962-7559 or visit today.


Linda Hoffman
President, New York Foundation for Senior Citizens

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Letters to the Editor, July 30

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Fiending for our founding fathers (on stage)

Critics, reviewers and just plain folk have been trying to understand the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda, playwright, actor and rapper, etc.

Go with the flow, ‘cause he is here to stay. Li-Manuel Miranda is not a one-night wonder. He’s the real deal. “In the Heights” was a smash on Broadway. “Hamilton” which is at the Richard Rogers theater, is breaking all ticket selling records, 28 million dollars sold before reviews.

I’m from a small group that believes smaller is better and rushed down to the Public Theater to see “Hamilton” when it played there. Entering, Lin-Manuel Miranda gave me a wink and a smile. Who does that anymore? This ole lady will be carrying that story to her grave.

Listening to the lyrics online, “An Evening of Poetry with the White House,” I felt like Miranda was in my living room. My husband said I have become a fanatic. To his surprise, he heard me rapping out different versions praising Mark Thompson and Clara Reiss at a recent Community Board Six annual meeting. Yet to be performed is my version celebrating the life of Samuel J. Tilden. Yeah, I’m hooked!

After you go see the play about America’s youngest founding father, talk to me. If you can stop humming, snapping your fingers and creating your own stories long enough to remember me, the lyrics are contagious. “Hamilton” with its diverse cast is setting the Great White Way on fire! A special thanks to Gerson Borrero, commentator at NY 1 for giving a positive shout out to Lin-Manuel Miranda and his play, “Hamilton.”

Shelley Deal Winfield, EMP

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