Note to candidates: ST/PCV is off limits to door-knocking

Rick Hayduk (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

With the election coming in November, candidates for City Council as well as those canvassing for them should take note: Stuy Town is off limits.

Stuyvesant Town’s general manager Rick Hayduk said at a meeting this week held by the 13th Precinct Community Council that while door-knocking isn’t illegal in the city, it is against the “house rules” on the property.

His comment was in response to a complaint from a resident at the meeting who said door-knockers were roaming the complex before the primary election in September.

Hayduk agreed that “It was pretty rampant (during the primary).”

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Letters to the Editor, June 2

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Neighbors can speak up about M23

In the May 19 issue of Town & Village (letter writers), Catha Grace Rambusch echoed my deep concern that the NYC Department of Transportation is considering the elimination of the M23 mid-block bus stop between Avenue C and First Avenue on its return west to 23rd Street. From Avenue C to the M 23 bus stop in question, the actual length covers the equivalent of Avenues B and A from Avenue C’s rest stop for the M23.

Having joined the ranks of senior citizens, while I’m still active in community affairs at Solar 1, the United Nations, and other environmental and civic groups, I depend on the mid-block bus stop opposite our apartment to get me around with a cane while awaiting knee surgery.

While I wait for the M23 there, I am joined by other seniors plus little children and their parents from both Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. We know we can count on a seat before the long line of folks comes on board at East 23rd Street and First Avenue for the return trip to the West Side.

A second issue is whether it is envisioned that the Select bus would skip certain stops along 23rd Street and, if so, would there also be a local M23 like there is for the M15 route on First Avenue?

The Transportation Committee of Community Board 6 will be meeting at Monday, June 6, 7 p.m. at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, 317 East 17th Street in the Loeb Auditorium. I plan to be there. It is open to the community as is the full Board meeting on Wednesday, June 8 at NYU Hospital.

I went to Google, typed in Community Board 6 Manhattan and found the timing for the next steps below. If you would like to speak at the June 8 full board meeting, come early to sign in to speak for up to three minutes after the political leaders speak in advance of the full board session.

Next steps:

April: Present draft plan to Community Board Four – Continue community outreach
April-June: Refine plan based on feedback
June: Present final plan to Community Boards Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 7 p.m., NYU Langone Medical Center, 550 1st Ave, NY, NY 10016 Alumni Hall A
July-September: Project implementation
2017-beyond: Evaluate SBS performance, Study more robust options if supported by community, Continue community outreach.

As a former member of Community Board 6, I can say that the CB6 Board works extremely hard for us and I want to encourage others to get acquainted so together we can bring our experience and concerns to it to make our part of NYC the best it can be.

Joy Garland, ST

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