Opinion: Down the rabbit hole

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

It all seems so upside down. At the end of the day everybody got it wrong. Not since Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey for the Presidency in 1948 did so many people botch it. The pundits were wrong, the pollsters were wrong, FBI Director James Comey was wrong, I was wrong, and even Donald Trump was wrong.

Virtually every poll had Hillary Clinton winning the presidency with a close but comfortable margin. The experts and pundits who opined that Trump could never survive the insults and reckless accusations he tossed about the campaign were very mistaken. James Comey who ten days before the election reopened the FBI email investigation proved to be in error.  And finally when Donald Trump himself complained for months on end that the system was “rigged” against him, to his delight that accusation was proven false. In fact, by last count, Mrs. Clinton maintained a lead in the popular vote, while decisively losing in the Electoral College. One can only shudder at what Mr. Trump would have said had those results been reversed.

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