Letters to the Editor, Apr. 7

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Handicapped spots being warehoused

I recently applied for and received a special handicapped parking permit to display in my car. I have two painful knee problems that limit my walking abilities to a few blocks. As a result of this, I am forced to use my car for all of my daily activities; such as shopping, banking, doctor visits and therapy at the YMCA at 14th Street and Houston Street.

Therefore, I am grateful to the public officials who had the foresight years ago to create these special parking spaces throughout Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village for the use of handicapped people and for which I desperately need. Needless to say, these special parking spaces are also at a premium, and to my dismay, I am unable to find a vacant space at times.

This leads me to a complaint that I have for cards that hog these spaces and abuse the privilege. I will concentrate on one space close to my building, where I have observed a dilapidated auto sitting in one of the coveted spaces for months and months while I roam in my car looking for a spot. This should not be. There well may be a legitimate reason for this auto to be there and I can offer a few:

The person who owns the vehicle may be incapacitated and homebound.
That person could be in the hospital with serious complications or not alive anymore.
That person may be sunning in Florida.
That person may not be living in Stuyvesant Town altogether.

In any case, I think it behooves the powers that be to investigate the extended occupation of a parking space intended for the use of legitimate handicapped people. I am sure that most of us who use these spaces will agree with me.

The car that is in question is in front of 18 Stuyvesant Oval. It is a Buick Rivera in bad shape. Can we get some answers and action?

Name withheld, ST

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