Letters to the Editor, Aug. 11

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Dog’s eye saved after other pooch attacked

How fortunate that Dr. Mann and his experienced team were on duty the afternoon of July 2, the Saturday of the long weekend. My little Maltese dog, Rudy, had a frightening encounter with a neighborhood greyhound who grabbed and shook him so fiercely that in an instant his right eye began swelling and coming out of the socket.

Since my two dogs were already patients of Dr. Mann, he performed skillful surgery on the eyelid to allow him to ease the eye back into the socket. His eyelid was stitched closed for three weeks to heal the eye and help with swelling after which the stitches were removed.

Because both of my dogs are registered pet therapy dogs, making weekly patient visits to NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and two Memorial Sloan Kettering facilities, they have complimentary annual eye exams at the Animal Medical Center. Rudy will have a followup exam there this month to assess his vision in the injured eye.

The benefits of Whole Health Veterinary aside from its location are many. And best of all Dr. Mann lives in the neighborhood, and he and his staff will make house calls… something that Rudy benefitted from the morning after surgery.

Christy Brown, PCV

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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 16

Mayor’s actions aren’t measuring up

Re: “The Soapbox: Why the mayor won’t support a conversion,” T&V, Oct. 9

To the Editor:

Iggy Reilly argues that the mayor won’t support a conversion because it would reduce the number of affordable housing units; since the mayor supports “affordable housing,” whatever that means, he can’t appear to contradict himself by advocating both.

This argument assumes that the mayor really supports affordable housing because he has said so. But his actions say otherwise. He has followed in the footsteps of Bloomberg and Giuliani and appointed a Rent Guidelines Board that has just increased rents again. If the mayor is not aware of the obvious, let me point out that increasing rents more and more every year results in less and less apartments that could be, at least “considered,” affordable.

But in truth with rent hikes every year for the past 20 years and more and more MCIs, affordable rents are approaching levels that could change a stabilized apartment to one subject to the free market. Affordability is a joke.

When I was working as a New York City teacher, my rent ate just 16 percent of my salary. Now retired, my “affordable” rent devours 47 percent of my pension, so I have less money to pay more rent. So I doubt the mayor is interested in affordable housing, at least not in Stuy Town where he undermined the efforts of our tenant-friendly neighbor and councilman, Dan Garodnick. Seems the mayor didn’t want a tenant advocate to head the City Council.

We live in a city, state and country where Greed is God, er, good. So if conversion is the goal, it will be necessary to stuff the ravenous jaws of that obese monster Greed with more green stuff than the other guy. Or, if the other guy has more cash (most likely), tenant groups around the city could wage a city-wide education campaign to inform millions of tenants that their rent hikes are the result of the mayor’s actions and urge them to write so many letters to the mayor that all the offices at City Hall will be stuffed.

The mayor must be made to realize that he will not be re-elected unless he reduces rents, not allow them to continuing increasing like the monster Greed.

John Cappelletti, ST

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