Art in Odd Places takes over 14th St.

Among this festival’s partipants were (left) Lulu Lolo as Joan of Arc, and (right) Carolina Mayorga as Our Lady of 14th Street. (Photos by Sabina Mollot)

Lulu Lolo as Joan of Arc (Photos by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

Art in Odd Places, a decade-old arts festival that’s taken place along the length of 14th Street since 2008, ran this year from October 7-11, featuring dozens of performances and installations with the theme of “Recall.”

Due to the theme, the pieces were either highlights from previous years that were revived or expanded upon or inspired by the past.

As always, during the days AiOP is scheduled, finding a participating artist vs. one of the neighborhood’s more colorful characters isn’t always obvious, and on certain days when there are fewer participants, locating one can feel a bit like a scavenger hunt.

However, on Sunday, around a dozen artists could be found during an afternoon walk from Eighth Avenue to Avenue C that was guided by the festival’s curators, Sara Reisman and Kendal Harry.

If you missed it, read on for a recap:

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