Pets rescued, stores closed due to manhole fire under Stuy Town

Firetrucks line First Avenue. (Photo by Henry Beck)

By Sabina Mollot

On Tuesday at around 6 p.m., an underground electrical fire broke out in a service box inside a manhole under Stuyvesant Town, shutting down the businesses along First Avenue from 18th to 20th Streets.

No one was injured but the amount of smoke meant the stores had to evacuate — including the animal residents at Petland.

Carole Husiak, owner of clothing store Ibiza Kidz, was at work when the overhead began to flicker. At the time, she thought there was something wrong with the store’s bulbs, but a few minutes later, Stuyvesant Town employees ran in to tell her to turn off all the store’s power and evacuate.

“There were hundreds of firemen and trucks as far as you could see in both directions,” said Husiak. “I think they were anticipating an explosion.”

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Dogs’ day out in Stuy Town

By Sabina Mollot

On Saturday afternoon, an event for pets was held in Stuyvesant Town’s Playground 9, offering their owners a chance to chat with reps from local pet-related businesses as well as collect a few freebies like photo portraits of themselves with their furry friends.

Participating businesses included Boprey Photography, ABC Animal Hospital, Throw Me a Bone (training and walking service), Petland and Happy Dogs daycare center. Happy Dogs offered pooches free ear cleaning and a moisturizing fur rub as well as holding a contest with a $100 giveaway. Stuy Town management also offered giveaways of doggie bowls, tote bags and poop bags, all festooned with the property’s logo. Dog owners also got a chance to take home some artwork made from their dogs’ paws being dipped in paint.

Local dog owners seemed to appreciate the opportunity to get together without anyone yelling at them to get out of the playground and their dogs, almost of all which were rescues, seemed to appreciate the social interaction and attention.

Photos by Sabina Mollot

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