Update: Bronx Zoo rep thinks lizard’s fake

The Department of Conservation said this lizard won’t be able to survive long in the cold. (Photo by Valerie Nilsson)

Update: We showed the photo of the lizard to a source at The Bronx Zoo who believes it is a fake due to the way it’s positioned.

By Sabina Mollot

Earlier in the week, Valerie Nilsson, a woman walking through Stuyvesant Oval spotted what appeared to be some kind of lizard in a patch of grass. However, the three-foot-long creature appeared to be so still she wondered if it was a toy or prop someone had put there as a prank. Later noticing it was gone, she posted a photo she took of the lizard on the local Facebook group Stuyvesant Moms to ask if anyone else had seen it.

So far, no one had and Stuyvesant Town management has said no one has reported it as a missing pet.

Town & Village sent the photo to the New York State Department of Conservation, where a spokesperson said based on the photo it appeared to be a Monitor Lizard in the Varanidae family of lizards.

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Sandy-damaged space on Ave. C gets revived as pet store

Alphapet City has two floors including the basement. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

Alphapet City has two floors including the basement. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Store owners Sam Cheung, Tony T. and Tony G. have been in the pet supply trade for about five years, but when their business started outgrowing the 200 square foot space in Chinatown, they looked to expand.

Alphapet City, the resulting store, opened on Avenue C at the beginning of March and Cheung said that the perfect space just fell into their laps.

“We could barely find a space this big anywhere in the city but this place had everything,” he said. “We didn’t have to buy a whole new (air conditioning) system. It was mostly just cosmetic work and repairs. This place wasn’t in the best shape but we just did everything ourselves and it worked out.”

The repairs Cheung is referring to were due to damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The store, which is two floors including a basement level, is on the same block as a number of other businesses that sustained serious basement flooding and water damage from the storm, on Avenue C between East 11th and 12th Streets. The C-Town next door was closed for months afterward and Ave. C Pharmacy on their other side lost most of its basement stock because of flooding damage.

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The Dog Run

For Town & Village’s Dog Days of Summer issue, we invited readers to share photos of their dogs doing tricks, making mischief or just being themselves. Fortunately, dog owners were happy to share them as well as well as a couple of photos of other animals living in the community. Thanks and keep them coming!

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Letters to the editor, Sept. 27

Why management should bring back ST flea

Dear Editor:
As StuyTown and Peter Cooper have a new manager,  I say “Welcome.”
I’ve noticed that at all of  the functions sponsored by them, there are quite a lot of friends present who are not residents. I also know that there are lots of apartments occupied by noisy NYU students and not long-term tenants.
I have an idea that will solve this dilemma: Bring back the wildly popular flea market! This two-day event brought everybody outside, especially friends of tenants!  Even my cousin from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (over 90 minutes away by train on any weekend day) brought two friends for a full day of browsing, shopping and  fun.  It was a big event for both kids and adults. I’m sure that prospective tenants showed up,  too. What a wonderful way to introduce a new  group to living here!
Flea markets  of this type are not “low brow” events and do not attract undesirables. It was a stabilizing occasion, one that so many of us miss, my family included.

Susan Schoenbaum, ST
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