Three PCV buildings lose power, since restored, due to smoke condition in wiring

(Photo via Wikipedia)

(Photo via Wikipedia)

By Sabina Mollot

On Friday, an electrical short in some underground wiring caused a power outage in three buildings in Peter Cooper Village.

At around 12:20 a.m. the short caused smoke to start billowing out of two manhole covers located between 2 Peter Cooper Road and 510 East 23rd Street, according to a Facebook post from property management. The buildings 3, 4 and 5 Peter Cooper Road were then left without power and heat.

A resident at 3 Peter Cooper told Town & Village she was told by public safety officers that there was a transformer fire impacting the building. However, a spokesperson for the FDNY couldn’t confirm the presence of fire as opposed to just smoke conditions to T&V.

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Power out at 2 Peter Cooper buildings on Tuesday

By Maria Rocha-Buschel
Residents of 370 First Avenue and 2 Peter Cooper Road noticed on Tuesday morning that the power in their building was out. Gothamist reported that a manhole fire occurred at 4:52 a.m. on Tuesday at 370 First Avenue and Con Edison confirmed that there was an issue in that building concerning a cable box but noted that the incident was internal, so the utility was unable to provide any more information about the fire.
A representative for Con Edison noted that there wasn’t any more information publicly available because the incident occurred between the meter and the home, where the responsibility of resolving the problem falls to the owner.
In a notice to residents on Tuesday, management said that power was cut at both 370 First Avenue and 2 Peter Cooper Road, including elevator service, so that the problem could be assessed and damage could be repaired.
The power shutdown was not expected to affect the water supply to the building but the notice said that there would be an interruption of the heat.
Management did not respond to a request for comment about the incident, but a spokesperson for Con Edison told Town & Village on Tuesday that the problem was expected to be resolved by the end of the day.

UPDATED: Con Ed repair work continues near Stuy Town, but power outages over

Con Ed plant on Avenue C Photo by Sabina Mollot

Con Ed plant on Avenue C
Photo by Sabina Mollot

By Sabina Mollot

As of Wednesday morning, work was still ongoing by Con Ed near Stuyvesant Town that began on Monday in an effort to prevent power outages.

The repairs, which are being conducted on shunts or cables temporarily located above ground on East 14th Street near the Con Ed plant and a new transformer on East 17th Street is expected to be finished by the end of the week, Chris Olert, a spokesperson for the utility said. Eventually, the cables will go underground with ducts that pull the cables from manhole to manhole.

In the meantime, as the company first requested on Monday evening, Stuyvesant Town residents are still being asked to conserve energy by not using non-essential appliances. Electronics like air conditioners, washers and dryers and microwaves should be used “wisely,” said Olert. Fridges and freezers should be kept closed and not opened too frequently.

On Tuesday night, two Stuyvesant Town buildings, 277 and 309 Avenue C and one garage at 279 Avenue C had power outages due to the work. The boilers were also out of service, which meant residents were without hot water. However, that was short-lived, said Olert, since a generator has since been put in place for reliability. “That’s over,” he said. “It’s as normal as it can be, but there may be other calls by people (about outages) as we do more repairs.”

As the repairs have been underway, Con Ed has been working with CWCapital and the ST-PCV Tenants Association to keep tenants posted on the project’s status via email.

On Monday evening, Tenants Association leaders asked how the work might affect Peter Cooper Village and were told that while PCV was not primarily affected, buildings on Avenue C could be so tenants there should conserve.

On Wednesday, TA Chair Susan Steinberg said she appreciated that Con Ed was “clearly being proactive in its attempts to avert a power outage in Stuyvesant Town.

“As soon as they realized the impact of the failed transformer on the grid serving Stuyvesant Town, they moved in two emergency generators along or near Avenue C, the area of greatest vulnerability,” she said. “Although both of these generators may not be needed, they wanted them installed and ready to go should the electrical loads overwhelm the grid while they make their repairs.”

Steinberg added, “Extreme heat is probably our area’s new norm and individual residents need to take responsibility for cutting their energy usage. Individuals can make sure that they don’t run the AC during the day when apartments are unoccupied for the luxury of coming home to coolness, and can cut back on using televisions, radios and computers.”

CompassRock issues resident alert: All buildings have electric power, some, but not all will have gas in time for Thanksgiving

On Wednesday afternoon, CompassRock sent out a resident alert to follow up on the one issued last Friday. To sum up, the memo, sent via email, gives a list of which Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village buildings will have gas restored ahead of schedule in time for Thanksgiving, and which ones won’t, and offers an explanation into the generators outside Peter Cooper buildings with flooded basements. Other included topics are Quik Park, Oval Fitness, trunk rooms and rental storage units.

RESIDENT NOTICE – WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19                                            

Following last week’s comprehensive communication, we are writing to provide you with additional updates and a summary of progress made over the weekend and the past few days.

Since our last update we have made the following progress:

  • Restored permanent utility power to 6 Peter Cooper Road.
  • Restored gas service to a number of buildings. The remaining buildings are still on schedule for restoration by Saturday.
  • Repaired management office phone lines. You can now reach Resident Services directly at the restored (212) 420-5000 number and Security at (212) 598-5233.
  • Expanded work order repair service into the evening hours when more residents are home.
  • Restored access card readers to 13 of the impacted buildings.
  • Provided access to storage units and bikes for 12 of the 16 building basements impacted by flooding.
  • Restored dryer service in the remaining nine buildings that had outages.

Electricity: As of this morning, Con Edison’s electric utility service has been restored to 6 Peter Cooper Road and the back-up generator will no longer be required for that location. We are happy to report that all 110 buildings now have normal electric power.

Gas Service: We are pleased to report that the following buildings have had gas restored ahead of schedule and in time for Thanksgiving: 285, 287, 309 Avenue C. and certain lines in the following buildings –

–          410 E20th St.: the G line

–          330 First Avenue: B, C, D, E and G lines

We expect the following building lines to have full gas restoration by the end of today:

–          315 Avenue C: lines A, B, C, F and G

–          319 Avenue C: lines A, B and C

Unfortunately, we will not have gas restored in time for Thanksgiving for the following building lines, though they are on schedule for restoration by this Saturday, November 24th:

–          315 Avenue C: lines D, E and H

–          319 Avenue C: lines D, E, F, G and H

–          321 Avenue C: ALL lines

–          400 E20th St: ALL lines

–          410 E20th St.: lines A, B, C, D, E, F and H lines

–          330 First Avenue: A, F and H lines

We will continue to work with Con Ed through the holiday weekend to restore gas service as quickly as possible. Our staff will require access to all affected apartment homes over the next few days (except Thanksgiving) between the hours of 9AM and 7PM. If you have installed your own top lock, please remember to unlock it daily.

Heat Service: We continue to assess the damage caused to the electronic system which helps to regulate apartment temperature in PCV. The extent of the damage is substantial and it will take time to procure all necessary parts and complete repairs. We will provide a more detailed timeline as soon as possible. In the meantime, our engineers continue to monitor and manage the heat distribution process manually, which means that some apartments may continue to experience above normal temperatures.

Elevators: After having further assessed the damaged elevator cars in 7 and 8 PCR and 440 E23rd St, we have found that due to the significant damage to the cars resulting from the flooding, the restoration will take longer than initially expected. The damaged elevators will have to be rebuilt before being returned to service. We will provide a more detailed timeline as quickly as we can. In the meantime, each building has one running elevator.

Resident Services:

  • Our phone lines have been repaired and residents may now reach Resident Services representatives directly via the (212) 420-5000 number.
  • The Public Safety phone number has also been restored. Residents should call (212) 598-5233 to reach Public Safety. In case of emergency, please call 911.
  • To reach Resident Services via email, please use
  • Resident Services is now located at Oval Study Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; and Sat-Sun, 8:30am-6pm.
  • As promised last week, we expanded evening maintenance service to accommodate work order requests during hours when more residents are at home. Masons and carpenters will remain until 8pm. We have also increased the number of electricians, plumbers and handymen working through midnight. Engineers remain available around the clock to address heat issues. The expanded evening service is a temporary measure until we are able to fully resume repairs during the day for residents who provide permission to enter when they are not at home.
  • Important email addresses to know, depending on the nature of your inquiry:

Resident Services:    




Access Cards & Keys: We are pleased to report that the access card system has been restored for: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 PCR; 420 530, E23rd St.; 431, 441 E20th St., 350, 360, 370, 390 First Ave. The remaining buildings will take longer to restore and include: 440, 510 East 23rd St; 511, 531, 541, 601 E20th St and 7, 8 PCR. Key locks have been installed on entrance doors to all of these buildings to allow resident access. Residents should use their carriage room keys to access their respective buildings. If you are not able to find your carriage room key, we are providing residents a copy of the key at no additional charge, at Oval Study. Security guards will remain posted at these buildings.

New key cards may be requested at the new Public Safety Office at Oval Studio. Key requests are also available through Resident Services and may be picked up at Oval Study.

Intercoms: In Stuyvesant Town, the intercom systems are operational from the lobby of the building to your apartments. We continue working to reestablish communication between the lobby intercoms and the new Public Safety Office so that residents can once again access Public Safety directly through the intercom system.  We will notify you once this has been restored. In PCV, we remain on schedule for the week of November 26th to restore intercom service within the building for: 431 and 441 E20th St; 2, 3, 4, 5 PCR; 350, 360, 370, 390 First Ave. As explained last week, a longer timeline is expected for: 420, 440, 510, 530 East 23rd St; 511, 531, 541, 601 E20th St and 6, 7, 8 PCR.

Sanitation:   Recycling bins will be removed from the exterior of PCV buildings affected by flooding.  We have set up two temporary recycling bins on each floor, which will be emptied daily by the porters.  Please continue to place household trash in compactor chutes, which are operable in all 110 buildings. We also ask residents to refrain from parking on both sides of the loop roads so that the DSNY can remove all waste from the curbs.

Basements: We continue to dehumidify buildings which were impacted by the flood waters. You may have seen additional generators and fans which are helping with the de-humidification process. These generators will remain operational from 7AM-10PM on weekdays and from 9AM-10PM on weekends. The generators will not run on Thanksgiving.

The basements in 16 buildings in PCV sustained significant damage. Access to those buildings is limited as noted below:

  • Limited Access:  Residents will have limited access to: 3, 4, 5, 6 PCR; 441, 541, 601, 620 E20th St; 420, 440, 510, 530 E23rd St. Residents may retrieve personal property (NTT Storage or bikes) from these basements on weekdays from 5:30PM to 9PM and weekends from 10AM-2PM through November 30th.   Any personal property not removed by November 30th will be discarded. Residents should go to the tent by PCV Playground 1 to be escorted into the basement.
  • No Access: Residents may not access basements in 511 and 531 E20th St. and 7 and 8 PCR for the foreseeable future. Bicycles from these four buildings have been removed and are now available for residents to claim at the tent inside PCV Playground 1 every day from 9am to 10pm. Please bring your resident ID and either your key or combination for your bike lock.

Trunks: Trunk retrieval remains suspended throughout the property. Salvageable trunks located in the basements of the 16 flooded basements noted above are being relocated offsite. We will update you soon regarding the process to claim those trunks. Residents will have 30 days to claim their trunks once the process is announced.

NTT Storage: NTT has already communicated directly with all customers in impacted basements. If you have a storage locker in one of the 16 limited or no access basements and have not heard from NTT, you should contact NTT directly at (212) 253-2435.

Parking Garages: While garages 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are all open for business, customers may experience heavy delays when parking their vehicles. This is due to the large number of damaged vehicles that have yet to be towed while customers who have replaced their damaged cars are also looking to park their new cars. We remind you that all damaged cars not removed by December 15 will be towed by Quik Park at the vehicle owner’s expense. To contact Quik Park, please call (212) 832-2066.

Laundry Service: We will provide a timetable for the restoration of full laundry service in buildings impacted by the flood as soon as we can. In the meantime, dryers in the following buildings have been restored: 285, 287, 309, 315, 319, 321 Avenue C; 400 and 410 E20th Street; and 330 First Avenue. For additional information, please call 1-800-MAC-GRAY. For a list of Laundromats in the area, please visit For your convenience we have provided access to the laundry room in 2 PCR, accessible via the basement entrance, for residents in buildings without functioning laundry machines.

Oval Fitness: As we mentioned in our last communication, we hope to reopen the Oval Fitness facility within six months, if not sooner.

  • Billing has been suspended indefinitely. Fitness Members will receive refunds within the next 2-3 weeks via credit card or check mailed to the address American Leisure has on file.
  • Refunds will include: paid-in-full memberships, pre-purchased but not fully used training packages and pre-purchased guest pass packages. For inquiries please email

In the meantime, we are partnering with New York Health & Racquet Club, which is offering PCVST residents a month to month membership of $99 per month (min. 2 month required), $0 initiation fee and access to all locations. Membership can be canceled with 30 days advance notice from billing date. Once Oval Fitness reopens NYHRC will automatically cancel your membership at the end of your current billing cycle. To contact NYHRC, please call (212) 220-0758 or email

Message from Manhattan’s Kid’s Club II: The school is scheduled to reopen Monday, November 26th. For additional information, please contact Beth Garcia at (212) 677-0608.

We will continue to provide you with updates and post information on Thank you again for your patience and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We also hope that you have had a chance to stop by or skate at the ice rink which reopened last Saturday and we look forward to seeing you at next week’s Tree Lighting Ceremony on November 29th followed by the ice sculpting performance with brass band on December 1st.

Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents to get rent abatement for days without heat, power

On Tuesday afternoon, Andrew MacArthur, managing director of CWCapital, issued the following email to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents announcing there would be rent rebates (via credit) for days without heat, electricity and elevator service.

Dear Residents,

I am writing after one of the more tumultuous weeks in the long and storied history of this community. I want to express our sympathy for all that you have endured over the past 7 days and to express my thanks and appreciation for all that our staff has done since last Monday to ensure resident safety and the fastest possible restoration of services.

I know some of you still remain without some utility services and that our job is not finished until everyone is back to normal. As a demonstration of our commitment, and in appreciation for all that you have been through since last Monday night, I am announcing that anyone who has been without heat, elevator service or electricity will not be charged rent for any day in which they were without one or more of these services.

While this last week has been extraordinarily trying, it also highlighted all that is special about our community. Our younger residents kept careful watch over their elderly neighbors and our elderly residents provided us all with an example of how to overcome adversity with good humor and fortitude.   Our political figures pitched in and the various resident groups have done their part. Finally, our staff has demonstrated a commitment to this community that is extraordinary.  During this last week, PCVST showed what it means to be part of a community you should all be proud to call home.

I want to extend a particular note of thanks to the building engineers, Public Safety officers, executive staff, and the many volunteers who helped our community get through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I personally witnessed several of our engineers working, at significant personal risk, to secure damaged electrical equipment in order to maintain safe conditions in those buildings directly effected by the flood waters. I watched as our Director of Operations had a manhole cover explode next to him as he struggled with workers from ConEd to restore power. I am aware of several staff members that chose to stay here and assist this community despite having lost their own homes to the flood. Many of our executive staff slept onsite for the past week, leaving their own families in cold and darkness elsewhere, while they lead the effort to restore normalcy here.  Our Public Safety officers carried over 200 elderly residents down from their apartments and checked on over 500 additional residents at the request of concerned relatives. I also want to extend our appreciation to the Tenants Association and Councilman Garodnick who responded to our request for additional volunteers to assist in our efforts to check on all residents without power and to help with the food distribution efforts. Everyone involved in this effort should be proud of their participation.

We still have work to do to restore services and return normalcy to this community. We will continue to work tirelessly until that job is complete.

With respect,

Andrew MacArthur

Managing Director – CWCapital

Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town Rent Abatement

Due to the impacts of Hurricane Sandy, we are instituting the following rent abatement measures for all residents of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town:

  • We will abate rent for residents for any period their building was without an essential service (electric, elevators, heat).
  • We will abate rent for any resident with a scheduled move-out date from that date until the date they are actually able to move out.
  • We will abate rent for any resident with a scheduled move-in date from that date until the date they are actually able to move in.
  • We are trying to include the abatements as rent credits in the December rent bill, however we may not be able to include until January depending on how quickly our systems are able to be restored.
  • If you have a move-out scheduled in November, please email hurricanerentabatement@pcvst.comto discuss how your abatement will be handled.
  • Please pay your normal rent amount until the credits are reflected on your rent bill.

CWCapital/CompassRock: All Stuy Town buildings have power, as do all but four in Peter Cooper Village

The following alert was sent out via email to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents by management on the latest updates on electricity and elevators as well as knocking door to door to check on residents. Additionally, ST/PCV polling places are open tomorrow.




We are pleased to report additional significant progress with respect to the restoration of utility services that was made last night and this morning.

Electrity & Elevator Service: All Stuyvesant Town buildings have had electricity restored, as have all of the buildings in Peter Cooper Village with the exception of the following four buildings which we expect to have restored by midnight tonight: 4, 6 and 8 Peter Cooper Road and 440 East 23rd Street.

As indicated yesterday, elevator service will be restored in all buildings which regained power within 12 hours of power restoration.

Heat & Hot Water Service: A number of buildings had heat and hot water service restored (please see matrix below); the restoration timeline remains the same as yesterday for all other buildings. Domestic water in Peter Cooper Village will continue to experience drops in pressure as a result of damage to pumping equipment. As more buildings in Peter Cooper Village regain hot water service, the water pressure issue will become more pronounced. Please be mindful and make efforts to conserve water.

Gas Service: Please note that the schedule for the restoration of gas service has been extended from two to three weeks for the six buildings in Stuyvesant Town affected by the ConEd and FDNY shut-downs. Additionally, restoration of gas service for 531 E20th St and 7 Peter Cooper Road will extend from one week to two weeks. This is due to the limited availability of supplies, equipment, and labor needed to make the necessary repairs. Gas restoration will also be dependent on access to apartment homes in order make required repairs and test connections.

We also take this opportunity to remind you of the following:

Voting Stations: Voting stations at Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town will be open tomorrow. Please refer to the mailing you may have received from the Board of Elections for instructions on where to vote.

Heating Centers: On Monday, November, 5, the ice rink tent will be available as a heating and charging station between 8am and 8pm; the Community Center is available as a heating center for elderly residents from 6am until midnight. Please let your elderly neighbors know.

Resident Check-Ins: Today, November 5th, we once again knocked on the doors of all residents in buildings without power; and the doors of all elderly residents without elevator service.   Elderly residents who requested food once again received food deliveries.

Security: We continue to have additional Public Safety staff on-site, particularly in the buildings without power. In case of emergency only, please call (347) 680-2212. For all other inquiries, please continue to go to Resident Services at Oval Café or call (888) 885-8490.

We will continue to update you regularly.

Monday update on Waterside Plaza on ongoing Con Ed repairs and voting place change from Waterside Tenants Association

Dear Neighbors and Fellow Tenants,

I have just heard from Council Member Dan Garodnick that voting for Waterside residents has been moved to Asser Levy Recreation Center.  Voting hours will be the same as at Waterside.  Asser Levy is located at 23rd Street and Asser Levy Place.  You can reach it by walking over the 25th Street footbridge  and then heading down Asser Levy place to the recreation center on the left hand side of the street.  You can also walk along the river to 23rd Street, then make a right and proceed to Asser Levy Place.  Voting has been moved because we do not know with certainty if there will be power at Waterside on Monday.  If you have any questions about voting, please call Dan Garodnick’s office on Monday at 212-818-0580.

Late Sunday afternoon, Waterside Management sent an email to residents telling us that power would not be restored on Sunday because to do so could endanger the lives of the workers and/or cause an explosion.  While this situation has been an ordeal for all of us, I know that we all want the energizing of the buildings to proceed in a safe manner.

Many have sought a more detailed understanding of the problem.  This is what I know.  There are three main types of components involved in the re-energizing process.  The first and second, the feeder lines and the transformers, are owned and controlled by Con Ed, even though they are located on Waterside’s property.  The third is the switch, which is owned by Waterside.  These three component are located in each building.  All of this equipment was subjected to a 5′ storm surgeon the A Level and suffered salt damage that was far worse than first thought. It is my understanding that Saturday Con Ed worked all day on the feeder lines and the transformers.  On Sunday, when they conducted their tests, they determined it was not safe to proceed with powering up Waterside’s switches.

It is my understanding that Waterside has had a team of electrical contractors and electricians working throughout the week.  Sunday afternoon, after learning the results of  Con Edison’s tests, Waterside hired 26 additional electricians to assist with the remediation.

Re the 30 building and the generator, the generator has been on premises since early Sunday morning and has been fueled with diesel– which was not easy for Waterside to accomplish given the fuel shortages throughout the tri-state area. This generator replaces the work done by the 30 building transformer which was damaged beyond repair in the storm.  Additional wiring, set up and testing must be completed before the generator can be brought on stream, but my understanding is that it will beoperational in the next day or two, again subject to it being safe to do so.

As Annle Levy noted in her call/email, this is a very complex remediation with many variables. Not everything can be known in advance; some steps must be done in sequence and some problems cannot be uncovered until a series of steps are first executed.

Waterside Management will keep you informed as to progress during the day tomorrow, as will the WTA. Please do not return to Waterside until you have been told the power is on in your building and it is safe to return. Current conditions at Waterside are harsh– there is no power, no water, no heat, and no ability to flush the toilets.

For those who were not able to evacuate, food, water and blankets are being delivered to the door. Water is available in the staging area of the lobby of the 30 building during the day in limited quantities for other residents who were not able to evacuate, but are able to go up and down the stairs. If it is too heavy, there are sometimes volunteers to carry it up.

I know this has been an ordeal for all of us. My husband and I have been fortunate to be apartment guests of a dear friend, but I have returned each day to check in on neighbors and my pets.  I am as eager as all of you are to be back in my home with the basics of power, water and heat.

I continue to ask for your patience, cooperation and  understanding as Con Ed and Waterside work to resolve our power outage in a safe manner.

Thank you,

Janet Handal

President, WTA

Sunday evening notice from CW Capital/CompassRock for Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper residents (If you haven’t been able to access your garage, ‘assume (it) suffered significant damage’


We have made significant progress today in our efforts to restore services. We remain on schedule in the restoration efforts posted yesterday, and in many cases have seen progress ahead of schedule.

ConEd is on-site and continues to work on repairs. ConEd continues to have issues with power distribution which has effected elevators in some buildings that otherwise have power. We apologize for previous updates that indicated these elevators were operable. Restoring services and correcting additional issues which arise as power is restored remains our top priority. We will continue to provide you with updates as quickly as they become available.

Heat & Hot Water Service: Additional buildings in Peter Cooper Village regained hot water service today, but not heat service. We anticipate full restoration of both heat and hot water service for the entire property within the next six days, as announced yesterday. Please refer to the attached matrix to see the status of your building.

Electricity Service: Additional buildings regained power yesterday and today, though several of those buildings had issues, particularly with elevator outages and certain apartment lines remaining without electricity.  This is due to issues ConEd is having with their power distribution system.  Full electrical service from ConEd has not yet been restored in these buildings.  ConEd is on site working to repair their equipment so that these services may be restored.  Otis, our elevator service company, is also on site to ensure elevators are operable as soon as possible following the completion of ConEd repairs.

Those buildings without power continue to have critical electrical equipment repaired in order to ensure resident safety when power is restored.  This work is partially dependent on ConEd which has made the completion schedule difficult to estimate, though the timetable for power restoration to the balance of the community remains Tuesday evening at the latest.  Depending on the location, certain buildings currently without power may have electricity sooner.

Elevator Service: Several buildings that have had power restored continue to have issues with elevator service. Please refer to the matrix below to understand the status of your elevator service. These service disruptions are due to continued ConEd repairs. ConEd currently has significant resources onsite working with management engineers and Otis, our elevator service company, to restore elevator services as soon as possible. If you your building is currently without power, elevator service will likely be delayed by 12 hours following the restoration of electricity. The exceptions to this statement are the three buildings which had elevators damaged by flood waters: 7 Peter Cooper Road, 8 Peter Cooper Road and 440 East 23rd Street (please refer to the matrix for details).

Gas Service: We have no further updates regarding gas service at this time, though we continue to assess the damage and evaluate remediation options. We will report back as soon as the updates become available.

Water Service: Basic water service is restored in Stuyvesant Town. In Peter Cooper Village, nine of the twelve pumps that distribute water to PCV buildings will undergo repair, currently allowing for basic service, though pressure drops may continue to occur during peak usage periods.

Heating Centers: On Monday, November, 5, the ice rink tent will be available as a heating and charging station between 8am and 8pm; the Community Center is available as a heating center for elderly residents from 6am until midnight. Please let your elderly neighbors know.

Resident Check-Ins: Today, November 4th, we knocked on the doors of all residents in buildings without power; and the doors of all elderly residents without elevator service.   Elderly residents who requested food received food deliveries.


Playgrounds:  All playgrounds have now reopened. Due to daylight savings, the operating hours will be from 9am to 5pm.


Security: We continue to have additional Public Safety staff on-site, and particularly in the buildings without power. In case of emergency only, please call (347) 680-2212. For all other inquiries, please continue to go to Resident Services at Oval Café or call (888) 885-8490.


Laundry Service: Laundry Service is available in all buildings where electricity service has been fully restored, though certain buildings continue to have only cold water. We will continue to provide updates regarding restoration of laundry services in buildings which sustained damage to laundry machines. Oval Concierge will be open to all residents for laundry services from Monday through Saturday, from 8am to 8pm, and is located at the First Avenue Loop Road between buildings 276 and 274. Please note that they only accept credit card payment.


Garages: Quik Park expects all garages to be open for damage assessment by Wednesday morning November 7th. Customers who have not had access to their garages should assume their vehicles suffered significant damage and act accordingly with their insurance companies. Beginning the morning of Wednesday, November 7th, insurance adjusters will be allowed into the garages to inspect vehicle damage.

Amenity Spaces:  All amenity spaces have been closed indefinitely. This includes Oval Fitness, Oval Kids and Oval Study. Membership billing has been suspended indefinitely. Oval Concierge remains open at standard operating hours.

We will continue to update you regularly.

Please visit the official Stuyvesant Town homepage for a detailed list of status updates of different addresses.

Resident notice for Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper re: power status and ongoing elevator repairs

The following alert was sent to residents on Sunday afternoon by CompassRock/CW Capital on the status of power as well as elevator service in certain buildings. As of this alert’s being issued, Con Ed was still on the property making repairs. In other news, the Manhattan Kids Club, which is located in Stuyvesant Town, will remain closed this week, due to significant damage to the space during the hurricane.





We will provide a more comprehensive update on restoration efforts later today. In the meantime, we are posting an interim update to inform residents with respect to continued issues with certain services. Specifically, there are examples of buildings that have had electricity restored, but where there are continued elevator outages. In addition, in buildings that otherwise have power, certain apartment lines remain without electricity. This is due to issues ConEd is having with their power distribution system. Simply put, full electrical service from ConEd has not yet been restored in these buildings. ConEd is on site working to fix these issues. Otis, our elevator service company, is also on site to ensure elevator service is restored as soon as possible following the completion of ConEd repairs.


Effected buildings that have been identified are:  

3 Peter Cooper Road

5 Peter Cooper Road

420 E23rd Street

530 E23rd Street

441 E20th Street


Additional buildings that experienced similar problems following the initial restoration of power on November 2nd have subsequently had their issues corrected effective today.


Additional updates for you at this time:


Heating Centers: An additional heating center and cell phone charging station will be activated in the ice rink tent beginning at 1PM today and will remain open until 8pm. The Community Center will continue to serve as a heating station for the elderly from 8am until midnight today. Please inform your elderly neighbors.


Greenmarket: The Greenmarket is not on-site at Stuyvesant Town today. The farmers will be joining the Tompkins Sq. Greenmarket (E.7th and Avenue A), which will be open from 8am until 6pm. EBT/Food Stamps/Debit/Credit, and WIC & FMNP checks accepted.


Manhattan Kids Club: The Day Care Center located on 14th Street sustained significant damage during the storm. The restoration crew has begun work today. The center will not be open this week. A more detailed timeline of when the center will be reopened will be provided later this week. If you have questions about the center, please call (212) 677-0608.


In the meantime, there are a few backup day care centers located throughout the city:

Bright Horizons: 

Children’s Creative Learning Centers: 


Con Ed: We’ll restore power to mid and Lower Manhattan after repairing 14th Street substation

Image (taken from a video online) shows the explosion at the Con Ed substation from a distance

Con Edison has just announced that it will begin the process of restoring power to mid and Lower Manhattan following repairs to its East 14th Street substation.

The utility said it would be working through the weekend “reinforcing our underground systems and repowering critical transmission lines needed for reliability.”

However, the company warned that some buildings with flooded basements or damaged electrical equipment will not have power restored until repairs are made by building owners.

Con Ed also said anyone going into flooded basements should use extreme caution and keep children out of flooded basements.

Con Ed is also distributing dry ice today at 14th Street and Union Square until 6 p.m. or until supplies run out.

Earlier in the day, there were reports of rumors that phony Con Ed workers were robbing people in their homes, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Con Ed has not yet responded to a request for details on the repair schedule. There was an explosion at its substation near Stuyvesant Town on Monday evening during the storm.