ST burlesquer donning pasties for Prince

exHOTic other by Stacie Joy

Una Aya Osato, who sometimes performs under the name ExHOTic Other, will perform in and co-produce “Quintessential,” a Prince tribute show.

By Sabina Mollot

A Stuyvesant Town burlesque dancer and producer — and longtime fan of Prince — will be shimmying and shaking in remembrance of the singer in a two-night show called “Quintessential: The Purple Rain Edition.”

Una Aya Osato, who sometimes performs under the name ExHOTic Other and fronts a troupe called BrASS (Brown Radical Ass) Burlesque, said, “We wanted to do a show where we would go through the entire album of ‘Purple Rain.’ So it went from being a celebration to being a tribute, but it’s got more weight to it now.”

In the press release touting the event, the performers put it thusly.

“Remember that album that you played so much it became a part of your very soul, that album that shifted your perspective forever?”

Osato is part of the production team and a dancer for this show. The organizers, who will also emcee the event and perform, are Aurora BoobRealis and The Incredible, Edible, Akynos.

They are also members of BrASS, a troupe that features dancers who are women of color, and all three are “humungous” Prince fans, Osato said.

However, she noted, his untimely passing in April was not the reason for the show. It was actually something that’s been in the making over a year now, and was Aurora BoobRealis’ idea.

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